Greater Nevada Credit Union chooses POPio Mobile Video Cloud to extend virtual access to branch services & financial representatives

GNCU becomes first financial institution in Nevada to embrace interactive video banking with POPi/o

POPio Mobile Video Cloud (POPi/o), the industry’s first interactive mobile video banking solution, today announced its selection by Greater Nevada Credit Union (GNCU), northern Nevada’s largest locally-owned financial institution, to extend and enhance branch services through face-to-face virtual assistance for its membership of more than 65,000 consumers and small businesses.

“We’re honored to welcome GNCU to the POPi/o platform,” said POPio Mobile Video Cloud founder & CEO Gene Pranger, who created the concept of video banking with the Interactive Teller Machine (ITM) ten years ago, and now POPi/o as the completion of that vision. “Consumers are longing for a complete omnichannel experience, and with POPi/o, GNCU can provide just that.”

Ushering in a new era of self-service, POPi/o’s patented platform merges video chat with real-time digital collaboration between customers and financial institutions. GNCU will first introduce POPi/o to its members though branch-based video technology capable of facilitating simultaneous collaboration on complex banking tasks including document approvals and applications, ID verifications, consultations and more.

“The ITM was groundbreaking, but POPi/o takes the future of video banking to the next level,” said Greater Nevada Credit Union Vice President of Consumer Lending Marcus Wertz. “POPi/o helps us provide the most convenient, personalized, and collaborative banking experience for all our members.”

To help financial institutions best serve customers and improve internal performance, POPi/o’s Executive Dashboard and Support Center provide detailed call histories, analytics and advanced management functions, including an industry-first application for emotive recognition. POPi/o is also easily deployed within existing systems and allows financial institutions to smoothly present LOS (loan origination system) documents and incorporate other current customer service applications.

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About POPio Mobile Video Cloud

POPio Mobile Video Cloud (POPi/o) is a web and mobile video software solution bridging the gap between businesses and their customers. Through increased connectivity, this comprehensive and interactive solution enhances customer communication and action to empower sales and give companies the tools they need to exceed customer expectations. For more information regarding POPi/o, visit or call 801-417-9000.

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