GreenProfit Solutions adds “Financial Empowerment” category to its Learning Library

Topical new concepts plug holes in financial education.

PLANTATION, FL (November 17, 2020)GreenProfit Solutions, Inc. today announced their new article series on Financial Empowerment. Each looks at how a specific product or concept at the credit union can help guide members towards their financial goals and grow economically healthier communities.

This series goes beyond financial education to present real actions for empowerment. Existing products and services can be rethought and repositioned to build value, while reducing the burden on your least financially stable members. The series also looks at where income originates, and if fee-based strategies are truly equitable or necessary.

“Financially, Americans are quite vulnerable. Over half live paycheck to paycheck,” says Joseph Winn, President of GreenProfit Solutions, Inc. and “Credit Union Geek” industry blogger/speaker. “Credit unions are uniquely suited to be empathetic both in words and actions, empowering members while reducing institution risk and growing revenue.”

Initial Financial Empowerment articles are now available on GreenProfit’s Learning Library. Future analyses will arrive per our regular publishing schedule. Topics include:

  • Doing is Better – Financial Empowerment Edition
  • How Your Checking Account Drives Financial Empowerment
  • 5 Must-Do Steps to Protecting Your Members

For more information on the Financial Empowerment series visit the Learning Library. 


Sarah Snell Cooke

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