Grow Financial Federal Credit Union launches World of More Campaign

TAMPA, FL (January 6, 2014) —  Grow Financial, one of the leading Credit Unions in the nation, has just recently introduced a brand new multi-year marketing campaign titled “The World of More”.

Part of the new campaign launch includes a brand new microsite,, which launched on January 2.  Guests can visit it to learn more about various products and services that Grow Financial offers in an entertaining way.  For example, the page is filled with fun light-hearted videos featuring different products and services, member testimonial videos like the one featured here, Joe Grow, the new spokesman of the campaign and even a live Instagram feed.

Within the new microsite, guests will also have the opportunity to enter what they would like more of.  This could be anything…from more caffeine, more relaxation or more family time.  Whatever the more moment is, the Credit Union plans on making moments happen on a weekly basis, and they have already started happening leading up to the campaign’s launch this month.

The first more moment took place in early December with a local member, Matt.  Matt wanted more concert tickets and that’s exactly what Grow Financial delivered, plus tons of other goodies to make his time more enjoyable.  You can visit the Grow Financial YouTube page here to view Matt’s more moment and his reaction.

To learn more about the campaign, visit

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