Guardian Credit Union Gives Back over $800,000 to its Members this Holiday Season

Montgomery, Alabama – As a way to say “thank you” to its members for their relationships and business over the past year, Guardian Credit Union is giving back over $800,000 this Holiday Season in the form of Interest Rebates and Dividend Bonuses.  Approximately 23,000 members received money back this week, with one individual alone receiving over $3,300.

This rebate was possible due to Guardian Credit Union’s positive financial results throughout the year, which is largely based on member relationships and their loyalty. With a mixture of the pressures of the holiday season and the ever-changing economy, Guardian Credit Union’s CEO Heath Harrell and its Board of Directors see Guardian as being in the strong financial position to afford this give back rebate and believe “our members need and deserve this”.  “We are very proud to offer our members a variety of FREE products and services such as free checking, free debit cards, free online banking and mobile banking; but it is tremendous when we can show not only our members but also the community a true difference in a credit union and bank by showing that banks return their profits to shareholders and we return our profits to our members.”

This “give back” should also have a significant effect on the community and local businesses, as thousands of people each have over $100, and many received over $1,000 each, to spend here in the River Region.

This is all a part of what Guardian Credit Union stands for: supporting the well-being of its members and the community through financial guidance and giving back whenever possible to ensure continued prosperity.

It is important to note, that while many financial institutions are not in the financial position to offer such dividend payouts, this is the second year Guardian Credit Union has presented the interest rebate and dividend bonus to its members, bringing the total amount given back to its members in the past two years to over $1.5 million dollars.

For more information on Guardian Credit Union, you can visit their website at or call 244-9999.

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