Here’s What ‘Iron Man 3’ Tony Stark’s Bank Account Would Look Like

Iron Man 3 releases May 3, 2013, and moviegoers everywhere are getting ready for the blockbuster event of the month. To help Iron Man fans suit up for the movie, finance site investigates the fictional billionaire’s wealth and collection of high-tech gadgets to figure out what is Tony Stark’s net worth.

EL SEGUNDO, CA (May 1, 2013) – The world has a fascination with superheroes, and it’s no wonder — there’s something about their web-throwing, laser-shooting, wind-shifting, transforming, fire-starting, metal-twisting, mind-bending abilities that keep us hooked from childhood until we are affectionately labeled children at heart.

We want to know how they came to acquire their superpowers and love watching them struggle to live in society as regular people, despite their powers and talents regularly being in need to save all of humanity.

For Tony Stark, a.k.a. Iron Man, one of the most interesting aspects of his character is his wealthy upbringing and massive collection of gadgets.

If you’re a fan of the comic book and movies, it’s probably become clear that saving money is far from Stark’s daily agenda. With so much technology and so many assets under his belt, just how much is Mr. Stark worth?

Iron Man 3 Set for Release on May 3rd

Iron Man has been one of the more popular superheroes released by Marvel Comics and created by comic legend Stan Lee.

Premiering in 1963 as Lee’s genius businessman superhero in Tales of Suspense and debuting in his own comic book in 1968 with The Invincible Iron Man, the billionaire playboy developed a fan base almost immediately.

He’s known for his association with the Avengers, even creating a space to serve as their meeting headquarters (the Avengers Mansion). After having several cartoon movies, Iron Man stared in his first live action film in 2008, played by Robert Downey, Jr.

Now, in the third installment of the Iron Man films, fans are ready to see him stop the bad guys in his custom-built exoskeleton suit packed with onboard weapons systems, flight capacities, sensors and more. They’re also looking forward to checking on the romance between Tony Stark and Pepper Potts.

The first two films saw tremendous success, grossing an estimated $585 million and $623 million worldwide, respectively. With the Iron Man 3 release date set for Friday, May 3, there’s no doubt that eager fans will boost earnings even higher.

But will these earnings been enough to match character Tony Stark’s massive bank account?

Forbes Fictional 15: What Is a Good Tony Stark Net Worth Estimate?

As we prepare for the release of Iron Man 3, we’re sure to see more of Tony Stark’s lavish luxuries afforded him as the son of wealthy industrialist and head of the inherited Stark Industries.

The character has no qualms about his wealth, but just how rich is he?

According to Forbes Fictional 15 — a list generated by Forbes magazine that lists the 15 richest people in the fictional world — the Tony Stark net worth is listed at a whopping $9.3 billion as of 2012, with The Beverly Hillbillies’ Jed Clampett and Smaug from The Hobbit among those beating him out.

In order to qualify for the Fictional 15, Forbes required that “candidates be an authored fictional creation,” and must “be known, within their fictional universe and by their audience, for being rich.”

Now just in case someone tries to take the figures too seriously, Forbes wanted to make one thing clear: “Final valuations are calculated with a grain of salt and a willingness to break our own rules.” Nice!

Click here to see how much Tony Stark’s Iron Man suits and gadgets are worth.

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