Heritage Valley Federal Credit Union highlights credit cards with added online functionality; Garners Major returns

TAMPA, FL (December 18, 2013) —  CSCU (Card Services for Credit Unions) member Heritage Valley Federal Credit Union of York, PA strategically redesigned its website to prominently display its credit card offering, and as a result has increased new accounts, credit lines, penetration and outstanding balances.  Further, by adding a credit line increase form to its website, Heritage Valley increased member requests by 350% in just one month.

“The priority for the new website was to strengthen the presence of credit cards in order to grow the card portfolio.  Not every member thinks of credit cards as a loan, so it requires a separate, dedicated tab,” said CEO Tim Ames, Heritage Valley Federal Credit Union.  “We want to enable members more convenient online access to the forms they require, so they can complete their objectives with just a few clicks, submit requests electronically and expedite their banking processes.”

Heritage Valley designed a tab exclusively to highlight its credit card offering, so with one click members are prompted to “apply now”; use a loan calculator; complete a credit line increase form; and coming soon, access a balance transfer form online.  The added functionality makes it easy for members to bank online without the need to enter a branch for every transaction.

“Heritage Valley is a success story for other credit unions to mirror. Our Portfolio Consulting Services team has long preached the importance of making credit cards front and center to show off rates and rewards.  We were impressed to learn Heritage Valley had already accomplished these recommendations and as a result is generating significantly more online credit card applications,” said Ann Farrell, Senior Portfolio Consultant, CSCU.

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