Honor Credit Union: 4th Annual Teacher Award Winners

ST. JOSEPH, MI (November 6, 2013) — Honor Credit Union is excited to announce the winners of the 4th Annual Honor Awards.   The Honor Awards give local teachers and school faculty an opportunity to win $100 to use for their classroom or school.  Entrants submitted a short description of what they would use the $100 for, and 21 winners were selected by a panel of Honor Credit Union team members.  Ninety-one submissions were received from over 30 schools throughout Honor’s branch areas.  The winners were:

Amy Nieuwenhuis (Otsego Public Schools)
Ann Pierluissi (Mattawan Schools)
Ashley Saborowski (Niles Community Schools)
CJ Brooks (Dowagiac Union High School)
Connie Rodriguez (Coloma Community Schools)
Dana Shaltry (Otsego Public Schools)
Daniella Plichta (Lakeshore Public Schools)
Daryl Mcleese (Paw Paw Public Schools)
Emma Haygood (Berrien Springs Public Schools)
Erinn Hess (Mattawan Schools)
Hayley Burks (Buchanan Community Schools)
Jennifer Fadey (Niles Community  Schools)
Kayla Bragg (St. Joseph Public Schools)
Lori Romeo (Watervilet Public Schools)
Lynda Smith (Lakeshore Public Schools)
Margaret McGregor (Plainwell Community Schools)
Michele Butler (Paw Paw Public Schools)
Rachael Whipple (Benton Harbor Area Schools)
Robert Iwanicki (Quincy Community Schools)
Susanna Anderstrom (Edwardsburg Public Schools)
Tanya Ebert (S. Haven Public Schools)

Honor Credit Union is dedicated to reinvesting in the community.  Providing local teachers and school faculty the opportunity to purchase needed materials for their classrooms that they otherwise might not have been able to obtain is just one way that Honor supports the educational community in the towns we serve.  From purchasing additional reading material to improving musical equipment in the bandroom, and so much more, Honor is proud to help the men and women who are shaping our area youth. 

Honor Credit Union is proud to serve more than 41,000 members over fourteen counties in Michigan.  Providing solutions for financial success and giving back to the communities they serve remain the driving forces behind Honor Credit Union.  For more information call 800.442.2800, or visit

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