Honor Credit Union celebrates 26.7% growth at 81st annual meeting

SAINT JOSEPH, MI (March 18, 2015) — Looking back on the results of 2014, Honor Credit Union held its 81st annual meeting at its Saint Joseph branch location on Tuesday March 17, 2015. The annual meeting was attended by Honor’s volunteer board of directors, Honor employees, and was also open to members. The agenda included an overview of 2014 and the re-election of board members.

Honor Credit Union’s volunteer board of directors includes 9 members; Larry Olson – Chair, Brian Brown – Vice Chair, Mark Fry – Treasurer, Mimi Elwell – Secretary, Ron Griesinger – Board Member, Scott Carter – Board Member, Dana Slocum – Board Member, Richard Atwell – Board Member, and Gil Guzman – Board Member. The board members that were up for re-election at the 81st Annual Meeting were Mimi Elwell and Ron Griesinger.

Honor Credit Union celebrated a 26.7% growth over year end 2013 with assets as of December 31, 2014 totaling $598,991,686. Successfully completing a bank acquisition in Decatur and a credit union merger in the Upper Peninsula, Honor Credit Union has experienced tremendous and positive growth in 2014 due in large part to a strong team and loyal membership.

Honor Credit Union is proud to serve more than 55,000 members across the State of Michigan. Providing solutions for financial success and giving back to the communities they serve remain the driving forces behind Honor Credit Union. For more information call 800.442.2800, or visit

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