Honor Credit Union to enter Decatur, MI

ST JOSEPH, MI (September 24, 2013) — Honor Credit Union is excited to announce it will now have a branch located in Decatur, MI.  Edgewater Bank currently located in Decatur will be transitioning to Honor Credit Union by the end of 2013.  Upon regulatory approval, the deposit accounts with Edgewater Bank in Decatur will become part of Honor Credit Union.  More information regarding the transition will be provided to Decatur members as the regulatory process moves forward.

“Honor Credit Union operates under a promise to our members of providing solutions for financial success.  We are excited to work with our new members in Decatur and the surrounding areas,” comments CEO Scott McFarland.

“Edgewater Bank will work together with Honor Credit Union to make the transition of the branch as simple and seamless as possible.” stated Rick Dyer, President & CEO of Edgewater.  “There will be information going to the current customers of the branch in the coming weeks.”

Honor Credit Union currently serves 41,000 members in 14 counties in Michigan.  The credit union is looking forward to being part of the Decatur community once both organizations receive regulatory approval.

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