HousingWire Magazine names Rekon Technologies to Inaugural HW TECH100™ list

PASADENA, CA (March 12, 2014) – Rekon Technologies, provider of lien release and assignment, and document management software for mortgage servicers and lenders, has been named to HousingWire magazine’s inaugural HW TECH100™ list. The company is the creator of Rekon software, the industry’s most adopted lien release and assignment technology, which is used by seven of the top 10 mortgage servicers.

The HW TECH100 list recognizes the 100 most innovative technology companies in the U.S. housing market. It is open to companies offering solutions focused on residential mortgage lending, residential mortgage servicing, residential mortgage investments, and/or residential real estate. According to HousingWire magazine, the award attracted over 400 nominees.

Processing lien releases and assignments is – and has historically been – one of the most specialized, laborious and mistake-prone tasks in the servicing cycle. There are more than 3,600 counties nationwide, and each has its own lien release and assignment requirements. In addition, lenders and servicers must adhere to unique rules and guidelines for various investors, while following their own procedures and best practices. With the vast number overlapping requirements, it’s nearly impossible to manually fulfill the lien release and assignment process without making mistakes, which lead to additional fees and fines. Through its technology, Rekon has revolutionized the lien release and assignment process by not only automatically storing and updating all county and investor guidelines, but also leveraging automation to enhance productivity, accuracy and efficiency.

“Our clients always tell us how innovative Rekon is, and how we have changed the way the servicing industry handles the lien release, assignment and document management processes, but it’s nice to be formally recognized for our contribution to the industry,” said Aurora Marsh, CEO of Rekon Technologies. “It’s such an honor to have been selected for the inaugural HW Tech100 list.”

“At the core of this competition is a deceptively simple question: which tech companies are the housing economy’s most innovative?” said Jacob Gaffney, executive editor of HousingWire. “Beyond the breadth of technology involved, spanning both real estate and mortgages, I think that trying to answer this question is important as we look toward the future of an industry that underpins much of our nation’s economic strength.”

About Rekon Technologies
Rekon Technologies provides mortgage servicers and lenders with advanced technologies for lien release and assignment processing, and for document management and tracking. The company’s two central product offerings are Rekon and DokTrak software. Rekon is the industry’s most adopted lien release and assignment technology. It is used by seven of the nation’s top 10 mortgage servicers and is widely recognized as the industry’s de facto standard in lien release technology. Rekon automatically prepares lien releases and assignments according to the unique standards of each of the country’s 3,600+ recording offices, significantly reduces recording errors and penalties. DokTrak, the servicing industry’s most comprehensive document management and tracking software, empowers lenders to track, manage and maintain file and document locations and post-closing exceptions. Rekon was one of the first companies to offer eRecording capabilities in the 36 states where it is offered. The company was founded in 1994 and is based in Pasadena, California. For more information, visit


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