Houston Chapter of Credit Unions Reports Success and Growth

HOUSTON, Texas, August 2, 2011 — The Houston Chapter of Credit Unions Advertising Cooperative is celebrating a successful 2011 Investment Drive. An astonishing $63,750 was raised by member credit unions throughout the city of Houston. As a result, the Ad Co-op was able to launch a marketing campaign to promote the “Experience a Houston Credit Union” website and implement programs that raise awareness and promote credit union membership.

The website,, was created to boost membership for Houston-area credit unions. In June, the Ad Co-op pushed “The Secret Is Out,” an online and print advertising campaign developed to increase traffic to the site and share the benefits of credit union membership.

The group invested in search engine marketing, streaming commercials, banner ads and Houston Chronicle online and print advertising. During the month of June alone, over 2.1 million Houstonians saw the ads. Malcolm Rene, Ad Co-op Chairman for Houston Chapter of Credit Unions and Executive Vice President of United Community Credit Union said the campaign was successful on many levels.

“The numbers were good and we will continue to modify the campaign to reach potential members,” Rene said. “The greatest success may be that Houston area credit unions banded together to promote the credit union movement. With the current climate of the financial industry, changing regulations and media coverage, now is the perfect time for this collective effort.”

In addition to the online ad campaign, Houston Chapter is partnering with LaRosa Family Services and donating 7,000 backpacks to Houston-area school children affected by domestic violence. The backpacks were customized with the “Experience a Houston Credit Union” logo and filled with school supplies, uniforms and other items.

“Our hope is that other chapters will find inspiration in our efforts and implement similar initiatives across the United States,” said Rene. Houston Chapter of Credit Unions is comprised of 107 area credit unions striving to be a local resource through education, communication, political involvement and community service.

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