HR/TD Council Releases White Papers on Effective Credit Union Leadership Training Programs & LEAN


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Madison, Wis. – Creating the best value for the member consumer as well as streamlining employee workflow is the topic of one of two new white papers from the CUNA HR/TD Council.

“Effective Credit Union Leadership Training” looks at success factors and benefits of a successful program, such as higher productivity, bottom line savings, alignment between values and the credit union’s culture, and a way to embrace the changes and challenges that can be overwhelming in today’s workplace.

Employees are a credit union’s most valued possession. They are the ones who, among other things, make member contact, and keep the credit union running in an efficient manner.  Providing leadership training is a powerful way to utilize and maximize the efficiencies of credit union managers and supervisors.

The paper examines the successful leadership training program at GECU in El Paso, Texas, describes how it works so well, and what other credit unions can take away from their example.

Also released is “LEAN – A Diet Credit Unions and Members Can Benefit From” which examines the underlying principles and discipline of LEAN process review. At LEAN’s core is the idea of re-engineering a selected task and eliminating unnecessary, outdated, and redundant steps. The people most connected to a selected task are considered to be the most experienced as opposed to rank within the credit union. Hence, frontline personnel are a key part of cross-functional teams and are engaged in deciphering root causes of waste, determining solutions, and assisting in their implementation.

The paper includes a step-by-step overview of LEAN process review alongside real-life credit union examples and insights from experts. Additional guidance is given on project and team selection, the emotional dynamics and interactions that can occur during a LEAN review, and the boundaries of what LEAN can and cannot do.  Its target audience is human resource and training development personnel however, the information provided may also prove valuable to other members of senior management and board personnel.

CUNA Council members are entitled to complimentary copies of these and more than 200 white papers; non-members may purchase the white papers for a price of $50 per copy. 

The papers are available online in the white paper section of – select the “HR/TD” tab for both.

Press contacts can download the white papers here (until 5/4):

Effective CU Leadership Training –



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