Hyland Software Releases OnBase 10.0

CLEVELAND – Dec. 7, 2010 – What do managing patient records and handling insurance claims have in common? Both are case-based processes<>, meaning that they are long and complex, involving numerous people, types of content and processes. And, lately, the market is paying more attention to them as many scattered systems are causing inefficiency and adding complexity for organizations worldwide. So what’s the answer? For Hyland Software, it’s always been a specific set of ECM<> capabilities nuanced according to the industry process being managed. To add to its existing capabilities to deliver this, Hyland, an ECM market leader<> according to a leading analyst firm, has released the new OnBase 10.0.

“Our customers have known that it’s not only about the content. It’s about the context in which the content is used,” said Bill Filion, vice president of development for Hyland Software. “This is exactly the idea behind the now popular term ‘case management<>.’ It’s a way of thinking about information management that we believe has its foundation on ECM capabilities like the ones we’ve been proven to offer.

“With this release, we honed and added to our existing abilities, bringing together these core ECM functions, such as document imaging, with elements of business process management, collaboration and records management. The result is an end-to-end document management and process management<> suite that answers the growing demand for managing case-based processes.”

To expand its current case management capabilities, the main focus of the OnBase 10.0 solution is the new client. It adds significant changes including:

*        Ease of use: The client is built on Windows Presentation Foundation, offering a familiar, Windows-based look and feel. This makes it more intuitive for users by creating consistency with their desktop productivity tools. The result is better user adoption and more efficient use.

*        More flexible system administration: As organizations are dealing with frequent internal and external changes, their IT systems must be able to adapt to these time-sensitive issues quickly. With a revamped back-end architecture, OnBase 10.0 offers the most up-to-date product platform with which to build timely solutions to solve business-specific problems.

*        Accommodating multiple types of IT environments: Based on an organization’s given needs, some IT systems might be Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)<>-based, some on-premise and some even needing to work offline. OnBase 10.0’s new client architecture meets the needs of all these scenarios, making the solution easier for IT to manage.

In addition to the client, OnBase 10.0 extends its case management capabilities with new products, including:

*        Intelligent Automated Indexing: Using a learning engine, this tool allows documents to be indexed without human intervention or preconfigured templates. With this capability, documents and other content can kick-off processes with little to no lag time, getting the case moving as soon as possible. Especially when it comes to government social work and healthcare patient records, the time savings could be critical.

*        Business process and notation modeler: The tool supports creating and editing of process models, along with versioning and approval of other supporting processes. This promotes more effective, consistent processes across an organization.

*        Site Provisioning for SharePoint: Not every process is built around a document. This capability ensures that if a collaborative SharePoint site is built as part of the process, it’s created automatically within an OnBase workflow associated with the case, keeping the site structure and content consistent across the system.

*        Comprehensive full-text search with Autonomy IDOL integration: For users, oftentimes those in customer service departments, this allows them to get information to the customer, patient or citizen when it’s needed within the case.

*        Integration for Microsoft Outlook 2010: For those employees who need OnBase capabilities, but only occasionally, they’re able to get the tools they need, including document retrieval, archiving and workflow, directly through Outlook. This allows people to stay within the interfaces they’re accustomed to, but at the same time making sure they use the right tools to complete case-based processes.

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About the Hyland Software solution, OnBase

One of the world’s largest independent ECM software vendors, Hyland Software is the developer of OnBase. An award-winning suite of document and process management solutions, OnBase has a proven record of solving problems resulting from time consuming, costly and error plagued manual tasks. Available on-premises or as software as a service (SaaS), OnBase installs quickly, cost effectively and is designed to grow with organizations. Today, people at more than 9,500 organizations in 67 countries have the time to do the things that really add value thanks to OnBase. For these and other successes in its 20 year history, Hyland Software is a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Content Management, 2010<>.  For more about how document management software is helping organizations to solve their operational problems, go to>.

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