Hyland Software Releases OnBase 11.0

CLEVELAND – July 11, 2011 – As organizations are moving and changing at a quicker rate than ever, it’s imperative that their technology change with them – or even better, ahead of them. Enterprise content management (ECM) software<> is no exception. Hyland Software’s ECM solution, OnBase, has given organizations an industry advantage for 20 years. And as a leader in the ECM market<>, Hyland is setting the stage for its own industry, too. This advancement of ECM software includes expanded core functionality of intelligent imaging and capture; enabled real-time, back-and-forth data sharing with other applications; and a platform that can be leveraged for building data-driven applications. And it is increasingly being offered in a mobile-enabled environment. Introducing Hyland Software’s latest evolution of ECM software: OnBase 11.0<>.

“IT departments are trending to more consolidated, quick-moving environments, giving ECM software the opportunity to not only fill gaps, but to really be the foundation for IT innovation,” said Bill Filion, vice president of development for Hyland Software<>. “This is why we continue to invest heavily into our core technology, making OnBase’s capabilities in these areas more robust. But beyond the core, Hyland is evolving ECM software to be something more: a dynamic platform that organizations can use to build on the strong foundation that’s already there.”

“And, it’s not just what the software does; it’s also how it’s delivered. Organizations depend on technology to work how they work, when they need it, and OnBase – whether it’s on a desktop, a disconnected client on a laptop or now on a mobile device – is enabling them to do so. It’s this combination of developments that continues to position Hyland Software as a leader in ECM, both in the market and in the minds of our customers.”

More than 1,800 additions and enhancements were made in Hyland Software’s OnBase 11.0, including:

–        Imaging and capture – Often considered the foundation of ECM technology, Hyland continues to develop new and enhanced imaging and capture technology. In OnBase 11.0, the software has inherent intelligent indexing and automated redaction functionality, making it optimized to handle content like invoices, higher education institutions’ transcripts, and healthcare organizations’ explanation of benefits (EOBs).

–        Software integrations – Organizations are increasingly looking to do more with the technology they already have, especially line of business systems. Beginning in OnBase 11.0, Hyland Software is offering new data-level integrations with applications such as Lawson, PeopleSoft and Datatel, in addition to its existing SAP integration. These integrations require no custom coding and allow for real-time back and forth movement of data between the applications.

In addition to line of business systems, desktop applications like Microsoft Outlook are the primary day-to-day systems for many people within a given organization. To make OnBase even more effective for how they work, OnBase 11.0 allows users to start a workflow or execute other workflow tasks directly in Outlook.

–        Hardware integrations – To make the capture process seamless, Hyland continues to add deeper integration points with fax providers. In OnBase 11.0, these include Softlinx’s Replifax, Esker’s Esker Fax and Biscom’s Faxcom.

–        Mobile device-enabled ECM<> – Enterprise applications can’t just live in the enterprise anymore – they need to be wherever work needs to get done. In its previous release, OnBase became available in a completely disconnected environment. OnBase 11.0 takes this mobile capability to the next level with devices. Users can now view documents and execute workflows within an OnBase environment that’s native to both hand-held devices and tablets, including the BlackBerry, Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad and others.

–        Data-driven applications<> – As organizations evolve, processes and information are changing by the moment. OnBase 11.0 offers a strong ECM platform for creating dynamic applications, including those that fill gaps in existing line of business applications.

A major part of these dynamic applications is the new forms capabilities in OnBase 11.0. Now, organizations have a new way to create and tailor forms without custom coding or an HTML expert. Additionally, the data contained in those forms can dynamically change the flow of a process. This will empower departments to point-and-click configure their workflow processes without needing IT resources.

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About Hyland Software and its OnBase Solution

For more than 20 years, Hyland Software has been dedicated to meeting organizations’ needs for document and process management with OnBase, an enterprise content management (ECM) solution suite<>. As OnBase has evolved through consistent and customer-driven product innovation, it remains focused on automating business processes that depend on documents, content and people to operate more effectively.

Tailored for departments and comprehensive for the enterprise, OnBase is designed to grow with organizations, whether it chooses an on-premise or software as a service (SaaS) model. OnBase enables more than 10,100 organizations across healthcare, financial services, government, insurance, higher education and manufacturing to be more efficient today and into the future. Leveraging more than 250 Authorized OnBase Solution Providers, Hyland’s partner network, these organizations span 61 countries. For more information about Hyland Software’s ECM solutions, please visit

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