imsmartin consulting Sponsors CU InfoSecurity Conference

REDONDO BEACH, CA (January 30, 2014) —  imsmartin consulting, an international business and marketing consultancy, is pleased to announce that the twelfth annual Credit Union InfoSecurity Conference will be held May 21 – 23, 2014 at the Red Rock Resort in Las Vegas, NV.

This is a one-of-a-kind conference – a security conference dedicated solely to credit unions. Highly experienced, expert speakers discuss the latest security trends as they specifically apply to credit unions, and this year there are two that are particularly well known in security circles:

  • Branden Spikes, former CIO of PayPal and      SpaceX
  • Demetrios (Laz) Lazarikos, former CISO      of Sears Online

These highly qualified security experts will discuss their security experiences and share their knowledge on:

  •   Phishing 2.0 Exploits
  •   Anti-money Laundering
  •  DDoS Mitigation Strategies
  •   Advanced Log Management
  •   Effectively Using Data Feeds
  •   Owning Credit Union Networks
  •   Tuning Your Fight Against Fraud
  •   New Ways to Eliminate Malware
  •   Credit Union Virtual Security Tour
  •   Cyber Criminal Intelligence Programs
  •   Legal versus Enforceable eSignatures
  •  Building a Secure Email Infrastructure
  •   Next Generation Authentication Techniques
  •   Successful Security Awareness Training Programs


The CU InfoSecurity Conference is priced so that the majority of credit unions can afford it – just $395 per person and $295 for returning attendees. Credit unions can register for this interesting and timely conference by calling 800 808 2188.

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