In response to COVID-19; Total Expert launches discounted software and services with rapid deployment to help community banks and credit unions stay connected and communicate with customers and employees

Tools will include access to best practices and pre-built content to allow banks and credit unions to rapidly deploy email/video email and social media at scale while maintaining compliance

EDEN PRAIRIE, MN (April 15, 2020) — Total Expert, the Minneapolis-based fintech company, announced a new “fast deployment” product for community banks and credit unions to help them manage email/video email, social media, and landing pages, which have become critical channels of communication and engagement for most institutions. Both free and discounted tools will be offered through the end of 2020 depending on the size of the institution. Total Expert will also be including best practices and pre-built templates to bring further efficiency.

Total Expert Now includes access to a suite of features, including:

  • Quick, compliant email and video email.
  • Centralized social media management.
  • Landing pages that publish in minutes.
  • Ready-to-go content.
  • Compliance tracking and reporting.

“It’s crucial that banks and credit unions are able to efficiently and compliantly deploy relevant information to inform, educate, and engage their customers, members, and employees especially during times of uncertainty,” says Total Expert Founder & CEO Joe Welu. “Effective communication strategies will differentiate banks and credit unions and have a lasting impact on their financial brand. More importantly, consumers and employees need information and communication more than ever before. This is exactly why we are offering a product that can be rapidly deployed at free and reduced rates.”

Modern functionality allows Total Expert Now users to quickly and compliantly create and deploy emails, video emails, social posts, and landing page designs.

Equipped with Expert Content, which consists of pre-built templates for email, social media, and landing pages created by financial marketing experts, banks and credit unions can increase speed to market to get their message out when it matters most. With a compliance framework, users can pull on-demand audit reports and update disclaimers across all marketing assets.

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