Informative Research opens new operations center in Dallas Area, bolsters disaster recovery preparedness

New facility aimed at providing full backup for national company system and enhanced service levels for the nation’s heartland

GARDEN GROVE, CA (July 21, 2015) — Informative Research, a diversified provider of data-driven risk management solutions for lenders and mortgage servicers for almost 70 years, has opened a new operations center near Dallas’ DFW International Airport.  The new state of the art facility is designed to heighten service levels for customers throughout the region and provide completely secure, redundant data and voice systems for Informative Research clients nationwide.

Informative Research is a tier one credit reporting agency (CRA) that provides proprietary tri-merge credit reports along with a broad variety of other risk management solutions for lenders and servicers, including pre-qualification, fraud detection, and credit score management tools.  The new operations center brings a full staff to the Dallas area to enhance service to the company’s clients and to provide superior disaster recovery capabilities.

“In today’s changing compliance world, vendor managers are required to take a deeper dive into their vendor oversight models,” said Stan Baldwin, Informative Research chief operating officer.  “Many lenders and servicers are looking to reduce the numbers of vendors they have to monitor, particularly the ones with aging systems that can cause failures and outages.  A 100 percent redundant capability like ours is critical now, with switchovers from one system to the other virtually unnoticeable and transparent to clients,” he explained.  “And it is not only for our data and voice systems, but also for our customer support.  The new Dallas area facility is a completely staffed location, which means that expert people are available when our customers need to speak to a real person, regardless of a crisis situation,” he said.

Stan Baldwin COO Inform Research

The location chosen for the new operations center was close to DFW International Airport for a reason, Baldwin added.  “We always hope for the best, but we’re prepared for the worst.  If we have to bring people in from the West Coast to deal with a long-term disaster situation, we have our site furnished and prepared to accept the additional staff,” he noted.  “That’s why we are minutes away from this major airport.  We can have boots on the ground quickly when we need them, in addition to the advantage of having team members in multiple time zones for our day-to-day business operations.  This is a substantial benefit when dealing with the IRS for 4506-T services, for example, or the many other agencies with which we frequently interact on a personal level,” he said.

The new facility is up and running as an operations center now, and in August becomes a complete backup facility.  “We deal with data, analytics and essential lending information on a daily basis, but many don’t realize that people are the factor that make the difference,” said Baldwin.  “Automation and technology are true wonders of the age, but when you need assistance and answers to make a transaction go smoothly, you want to speak to a knowledgeable person,” he said.  “Expert people have been our greatest asset since our founding in 1946.”

About Informative Research

Informative Research, founded in 1946, is one of the nation’s top mortgage technology and data solutions providers. Specializing in risk management and quality control data-driven solutions, Informative Research enables thousands of decisions every day with its credit and property valuation products, its extensive array of sophisticated prequalification, prefunding and post-closing analytic solutions, and its portfolio risk management expertise.  Informative Research’s products and services have earned the trust of over 2,500 mortgage lenders and quality control specialists throughout the country.  Informative Research is a vendor partner of the Lenders One mortgage cooperative.  For more information, please visit

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