Innovative Cash Management and Self-Service Solutions Help Credit Unions Boost Efficiency and Member Service

November 8, 2012, Mt. Prospect, IL – Building a point of differentiation for any business begins with a strong desire to put customers first. This principle applies regardless of the service platform. Businesses of high service orientation, including credit unions (CUs), need to consider the impact operational improvements make on the member experience as these CUs take steps to implement or upgrade to high-quality, innovative back counter and customer-facing equipment solutions.

Cummins Allison, the leading innovator and provider of coin, currency and check handling solutions, shares how the latest cash management and self-service coin counting solutions are helping credit unions increase their efficiency and deliver enhanced customer service.

Counting on Currency

CUs that select proven currency scanning and counting technology can replace outdated devices that might not be performing at a high level and slowing down simple tasks and taking time away from customer interaction. With a solution like the JetScan iFX®, a credit union’s daily check and cash transactions can get exponentially faster and more accurate.

Consider how productive – and motivated – a staff would be if they could reduce commercial and ATM deposit processing time by 75 percent or more. Using new, highly reliable technology, virtually any branch can now process large quantities of mixed currency in less time than ever before.  Cost effective solutions like these help a CU utilize their key personnel where they are needed the most.

In the highest volume areas, such as credit union’s vault, the JetScan iFX increases productivity by processing 1,600 bills per minute. With the highest currency scanning speeds, staff becomes faster, and at the same time accuracy remains high as the JetScan iFX ensures incorrect notes are instantly identified, and counterfeit notes are detected, which other currency scanning equipment might miss.

Getting a Better Handle on Change

Self-service coin counters can provide a reliable service while simultaneously improve the member’s experience. Tellers can lose valuable face time with members if they are distracted by downed self-service equipment or disappear into a back room to process coins. With a high-quality self-service coin counter, employees can save time in the daily processing of coin deposits and attend to other depositor requests. When the member brings the coin redemption receipt to the teller, this is a perfect opportunity to sell them other useful and valuable products that the CU offers.

The Cummins Allison Money Machine™  allows members to count their change without having the teller handle the coins – a competitive advantage in terms of convenience and time saved for both members and employees. The Money Machine features 98% uptime, and local service technicians provide worry-free operations so employees can focus on member service, not on equipment maintenance.

“Advanced currency and self-service coin counting solutions can provide a point of differentiation for credit unions,” said Bob Gibson, vice president branch operations, Cummins Allison. “This point of differentiation is experienced by customers through improved operational efficiency which improves member service.”

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