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NAPERVILLE, IL (October 29, 2021) — LSC is now Envisant!  The rebrand made its debut with a video announcement during the Illinois Credit Union’s 91st Annual Convention in front of more than 500 people. The new branding illuminates in a clear, distinctive way the mission and value LSC (now Envisant) brings as a service organization to more than 2,000 credit unions across the country.

Envisant starts with ‘envis-‘ the root of envision, which means ‘the cause to see.’ The suffix ‘-ant’ is ‘one who performs a specific action,’ such as a consultant. Envisant is here to help credit unions see the way forward. With dedication and experience, the Envisant team is able to be an effective consultant by envisioning a successful path and steering credit union partners towards it.

LSC was founded in 1969 to give credit unions the power to compete and prosper. This has come to include a comprehensive suite of credit, debit and prepaid programs combined with incomparable service. While the name has changed, the commitment to service and credit union success never will. This mission stands out in the new tagline, “Achieve your vision.”

In addition to a new name and tagline, the rebrand features a redesigned logo with brighter colors, distinctive font use, and a bold, structured look for marketing and office communications. A new, refreshed website will also launch in 2022 at While proud of the colorful, distinct logo and new look, the service organization remains a closely connected part of the Illinois Credit Union System (ICUS) along with the Illinois Credit Union League (ICUL). The Envisant logo features two forms of blue as a nod to this relationship. The rebranding of LSC, in fact, is only the beginning! Some of the new design elements introduced here will eventually show up across ICUS and ICUL as both highlight their own distinct brands while remaining in sync with Envisant.

“This rebrand is a thrilling step forward. Being part of it has been truly invigorating. I love our new name and tagline. In our 52 years of service, we have always put our credit union partners first, giving our all and sharing our experience to guide and help credit unions succeed in achieving their vision,” says Libby Calderone, President of Envisant (formerly LSC).

“This has been a long-time coming, but it’s worth the wait! The Illinois Credit Union League has been a proud parent of LSC, and the rebranding is an excellent reflection of the great people in our organization. They are a caring, dedicated group who have always worked hand in hand with the League and as a close partner and support of many credit union organizations,” states Tom Kane, President and CEO of the Illinois Credit Union System.

View the video announcement here.

About Envisant

Envisant brings experience and expertise to all areas of credit union service. Our product strategy features credit and debit programs, prepaid debit cards, portfolio development consulting, agent credit card programs, and ATM services. Get to know us at


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