Introducing Leeflet: Filene’s “Brochures 2.0” Pilot to Reinvent the Cost Effectiveness of Marketing Collateral

MADISON, WI – The Filene Research Institute is excited to announce a new pilot project, which will improve the cost efficiency and marketing effectiveness of credit unions in an innovative way: delivering targeted brochures electronically.

Credit unions interested in learning how to reduce brochure expenses by as much as 75% can learn more by signing up for one of two free webinars:

Leeflet: Improving Cost Efficiency and Effectiveness of Marketing Collateral
January 29th at 12:00PM Central and February 12th at 1:00 PM Central
Register at:

A regular credit union may spend $50,000 or more each year on paper brochures, with no way of knowing who reads them or who follows their calls to action. Terms, conditions, rates, and available products are constantly changing. Traditional brochures are outdated almost as quickly as they’re printed. As credit unions change, they must update these brochures – dooming the current inventory of paper brochures to the recycle bin.

One of Filene’s i3 innovation teams worked closely with electronic marketing experts at DigitalMailer to create Leeflet, an electronic brochure program already in use at Smart Financial Credit Union ($525 million), Financial Center FCU ($350 million), and Fort Knox FCU ($1.0 billion). Initial performance is very promising: The open rate for all Leeflet brochures is more than 70% with a click-through rate higher than 25%.

“Leeflet has helped us at Ft. Knox to present a more modern streamlined look to our members while shaving marketing expenses and tracking our campaigns better,” said Ray Springsteen, Executive Vice President of Fort Knox Federal Credit Union, and one of the i3 innovators behind the project.

“This pilot project is already a success story.  It matches a great i3 idea with a collaborative credit union provider, and is showing real-world results in three credit unions,” said Jason Milesko, Chief of Applied Research and Innovation at the Filene Research Institute. “We’re excited to expand the pilot and build a service that will help credit unions save money and serve members better,” Milesko said.

“Working with Filene and their i3 group on the electronic brochure concept was a natural extension of our corporate mission,” said Ron Daly, CEO of DigitalMailer. “Helping credit unions with using digitalcommunication to grow member relationships and create efficiencies is what we do best,” he added.

Leeflet allows credit unions to enhance sales and marketing efforts by cutting down on collateral costs, and tracking campaign effectiveness. The webinars will describe expectations for pilot participants and outline the timeline of the research.

Interested, but want to learn more? Contact Tansley Stearns at 608.661.3753 or by email at

About Filene:
The non-profit Filene Research Institute is a consumer finance think tank serving the North American credit union system of $1.3 trillion in assets and more than 100 million members. Filene publishes objective research and fosters consumer-focused financial innovation. The Institute collaborates with leading researchers and academic institutions worldwide.

About DigitalMailer:
DigitalMailer works with financial institutions to open their biggest branch – the virtual branch. Using its expertise and today’s technology, DigitalMailer helps organizations connectwith customers in the online channel they prefer, driving consistent, managed messages that are optimized for communication, convenience, efficiency and promotion of product growth.
To learn more, visit DigitalMailer’s website or call (866) 994-4900.

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