IT-Lifeline Implements Unique On-boarding Process to Enable Banks and Credit Unions to Comply with FFIEC Guidelines for Disaster Recovery

Reduces recovery times, enhances regulatory compliance

SPOKANE, WA (August 19, 2013­)IT-Lifeline, a provider of comprehensive disaster recovery and compliance testing solutions for the financial services industry, has implemented its three-step on-boarding process to enable banks and credit unions to comply with FFIEC guidelines when developing or implementing disaster recovery plans.

IT-Lifeline’s onboarding process is designed to educate banks and credit unions on how to reduce recovery times of key IT systems, such as mobile banking services, from days to hours and test a greater percentage of their core processing and ancillary systems, such as email. Other elements of the on-boarding process include:

  • Face-to-face planning meeting where IT-Lifeline identifies potential barriers to recovery and proactively designs solutions to ensure a timely recovery
  • Immediate planning for annual progressive testing of the institution’s ability to quickly recover key IT systems after an outage or other type of disaster occurs
  • Recovery training where employees are trained to recover key operational systems independently

 “The IT-Lifeline on-boarding process enables banks and credit unions to cut recovery times from days to hours, while enhancing regulatory compliance and meeting the expectations of examiners,” said Matt Gerber, CEO of IT-Lifeline.

About IT Lifeline
IT-Lifeline provides customers with a full range of private cloud-based information protection and recovery alternatives and facilities. The company’s certified experts, advanced technology infrastructure and facilities ensure cost effective, secure data vaulting and fast recovery from system failure, human error, or nature or man-caused adversity.  Located in geologically stable, climatically mild eastern Washington State, IT-Lifeline’s business recovery center is easy to get to from anywhere in the Western United States. Additional information is available at

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