It’s a New Era for Credit Unions and Raiz is Leading the Way

TFCU Rebrands as Raiz Federal Credit Union

EL PASO, TX (July 25, 2022) — On July 22, 2022, TFCU held a press conference at Region 19, Starlight Event Center, to reveal its new name and organizational rebrand. This bold change recognizes a clear vision of growth for the credit union. Inspired by its members, El Paso heritage, and the teachers who made the credit union what it is today, the brand brings a fresh look, and new meaning to what managing your finances should be. President and CEO of Raiz Federal Credit Union, Max Villaronga, stated, “Today, we are looking to the future! As we introduce our new name and brand, we remember the seven teachers that founded our organization. Their selfless attitude created something that, little did they know, would impact generations to come.”

TFCU is now Raiz Federal Credit Union! Pronounced as “rise” and Spanish for “root”, the name illustrates a future potential for members and employees. “At Raiz, we guide our members to focus on what could be and help them get there. Rooted in our strong heritage and vibrant community, we envision a bold path forward, inspired to look up and ahead, leading the way with passion,” shares Raiz VP of Marketing, Alejandro Yu. The new logo captures these ideas using an El Paso archway intersected by an upwards path, focused in a rectangular frame. The new colors, Raiz red and Raiz blue, are drawn from El Paso’s beautiful sunset skies.

Committed to giving back and investing in the potential of their community, Raiz celebrated this momentous occasion by presenting three new programs as a surprise to local organizations. All programs are set to begin January 2023 and will continue annually, indefinitely:

$3,500 “Raiz Up” Professional Development Grant – Awarded to one teacher per Region 19 school district to attend a professional development conference or training of their choice.
$5,000 “Raizing Leaders” Scholarship – Awarded each year to one UTEP student from the Banking Academy and one UTEP student from the College of Education.
$25,000 “Together We Raiz” Community Grant – Awarded to two local non-profit organizations to help fund their needs such as new equipment, programs, staff development, materials, etc.

The rebranding will be done in phases to be completed by January 2023. Some of the first items to be updated include the website and URL, online and mobile banking design, and exterior signage at all physical locations.

Stay in the know of what changes will come next and learn more about the rebrand by visiting To get a sneak peek of who Raiz Federal Credit Union is, visit

About Raiz Federal Credit Union

At Raiz (pronounced as "rise" in English and "rah-EES" in Spanish), our members and strong, vibrant community inspire us daily. We share a passion for knowledge and the pursuit of growth, grounded in our heritage as El Paso Area Teachers Federal Credit Union (TFCU). Today, we guide members from many professions to focus on their goals and help them get here. We're proud of our roots in El Paso (since 1936) as we envision a bold path forward, leading the way with passion. We are over 70,000 members strong and provide a full range of high-quality financial services at the great rates and low costs you can expect from a first-class credit union. Join us and experience the difference that comes from working with people who care. The meaning behind our name: Spanish for root and pronounced as Raiz, our new identity grows from our community heritage. Grounded in the roots of our beginning with teachers, we share a passion for knowledge and the pursuit of growth. We inspire our members and employees to feel connected to our future potential together. We are rising and inviting people to move forward with us. As we look out to the light over the Franklin Mountains rising from El Paso, we look up and ahead to an even brighter tomorrow.


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