Jovia Financial Credit Union welcomes two new members to supervisory committee

Jovia Financial Credit Union Supervisory Committee has welcomed two new associate members to its Supervisory Committee: Jaswinder Hayre and Professor Ling Zhu. These individuals were selected to join the oversight group that is responsible for ensuring the soundness of the credit union’s operations and its compliance of internal policies.

Mr. Hayre is a cybersecurity expert and a Certified Information Systems Security Professional. He has vast experience as a global security leader in the financial services industry, and has helped safeguard the technology infrastructure for such companies as Dow Jones & Company and HBO.

Professor Zhu has a lengthy history as an educator, entrepreneur, scholar and expert in myriad disciplines. Currently a tenured professor at Long Island University-Post and an adjunct at New York Institute of Technology, teaching data analytics and cyberlaw, Professor Zhu has earned a law degree from Fordham University and a doctor of philosophy in management information systems from the University of Arizona.

The pair join six others on Jovia’s Supervisory Committee. The group meets monthly to review operations and compliance, oversee the internal audit functions and ensure that member inquiries are properly addressed.

“We continue to bring together the most accomplished experts in regulatory compliance and cybersecurity to our Supervisory Committee, and the addition of Professor Zhu and Mr. Hayre will certainly elevate our committee’s knowledge-base and oversight capabilities,” said Harry Peltz, Chair of the Supervisory Committee. “The need for strong, independent oversight cannot be overstated. It is essential to our members’ ongoing financial safety and security.”

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