JX2 Professional Software Services is now Axiaware

JX2 Professional Software Services announced today that the company is changing its name to Axiaware. “I am very pleased to announce that we have changed the way we market ourselves,” said Bradley Powell, JX2’s President and CEO. “JX2 has been a well-kept secret for years” he continued. “Despite many successful outcomes and a history of steady growth, we found that only our clients really understood why we were valuable. Everyone else found it hard to say what we do.”

JX2 enlisted DC-based strategic marketing firm Marshall Strategic Marketing to analyze their brand and positioning.

That analysis led to the decision to re-brand and re-position the company. Research revealed that, while clients were extremely happy with the company’s performance, prospects and associates had a hard time identifying JX2’s differentiator or value proposition. In a market crowded with 50,000 software development companies, JX2 needed to take action.

Working with Marshall Strategic Marketing, JX2’s leadership has developed a more targeted approach to their core markets – and is investing in the new branding and positioning strategy. “We needed to brand ourselves more effectively to continue to grow,” said Powell.

The new name incorporates an ancient Greek root-word for “value” with a modern English suffix meaning product or craftsmanship. It also plays off the word “software.” The new tagline, “Value Beyond Code” relates to the company’s focus on attaining business goals rather than simply meeting code requirements.

The company will not change in any material way, but will be launching a new corporate website this weekend, featuring the Axiaware brand name and accompanying messaging and graphics. “The idea is to project a clear, concise message and well-defined value proposition” said Powell. “We’re extremely good at developing customer-facing products for the financial services industry – and now we’re saying that to the market.”

The new site includes a blog which focuses on financial industry software development insights, trends and war stories. Facebook and Twitter pages will also launch over the weekend. The new url is:

About Axiaware
Leading institutions rely on Axiaware for world-class planning, design and implementation of revenue-generating software products. Axiaware’s focus on the financial services industry endows it with the business experience, insight and institutional knowledge necessary to be successful in today’s financial services marketplace.

The company approaches client relationships as long-term partnerships, engaging each project from the requirements planning stage through completion and followup. Axiaware does not offshore resources or engage in simple coding outsourcing. It is a full service consultancy to the financial services industry.

Axiaware means software with value.
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