KeyStone’s unmatched core technology rings true with Mobility Credit Union

SAN DIEGO, CA (August 14, 2019) — Corelation, Inc. and Mobility Credit Union ($200 M assets; 14,700 members; Irving, TX) enter into a partnership of like philosophies. Corelation’s “Freedom of Choice” is evident in its flagship KeyStone core. It has an open API with no constraints, empowering credit unions to partner with any third-party vendor as their business needs dictate.

Now take Corelation’s “Freedom of Choice” and add Mobility CU’s “Banking without Boundaries,” and the result is a relationship poised for success.

“What attracted us to Corelation was KeyStone’s open architecture,” remarked Ron Perry, Mobility CU President/CEO. “Its API [KeyBridge] unlocks unlimited opportunities for us to better serve our membership through various channels, and offer the right products and services at the right time in our members’ financial journeys. We will not have to limit ourselves with things we do today, and we can evolve as the industry evolves.”

“This conversion also allows us to consolidate some external systems because those services are native to the KeyStone core. We appreciate how Corelation continues to enhance KeyStone by adding system functionality, such as its indirect lending capability [KeyID],” added Yarnell Consulting’s Chris Yarnell.

Yarnell and the core selection team also made it a point to contact existing Corelation clients and have straightforward discussions with Corelation’s Executive and Sales teams. The interactions were fruitful; Mobility CU received forthcoming answers and first-hand ‘conversion-win’ experiences.

“Our clients and vendor partners are testaments to the level of service we provide, and we take pride in the apparent synergy between all involved. I am certain that as we continue to collaborate, we will continue to develop next generation technology,” commented Corelation Chief Revenue Officer, Tim Maron.

Ron Perry, Mobility Credit Union President/CEO.

Yarnell Consulting’s Chris Yarnell.

About Corelation Inc.

Based in San Diego, CA, Corelation is the innovative core processor for today’s credit union. This solution is a person-centric system that empowers credit unions to offer the best member service possible, enhancing their value for member attraction and retention. In terms of industry experience, Corelation’s staff has dedicated their careers to creating core systems and providing unparalleled client service. For more information, visit


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