Kiddie Kredit and Credit Union Association of New Mexico collaborate to bring unrivaled financial literacy content to Kirby Kangaroo Youth Members across United States

MIAMI, FL (April 4, 2023) — Kiddie Kredit, the innovative app designed to teach children financial responsibility, is proud to announce a new partnership with the Credit Union Association of New Mexico (CUANM) to integrate the Kirby Kangaroo youth financial literacy program into the Kiddie Kredit app experience.

This collaboration coincides with National Financial Literacy Month, highlighting the importance of financial education for the younger generation.

Through this strategic partnership, any credit union currently partnering with Kirby Kangaroo or the Credit Union Association of New Mexico that signs up for Kiddie Kredit will unlock the popular Kirby Kangaroo as an avatar option for their users. Additionally, they will gain access to over 250 hours of financial literacy content, adding a wealth of educational resources for children and their families.

The integration also includes the ability for credit unions to add activities and rewards to the app, as well as send push notifications to parents, informing them of upcoming promotions or events. This feature will help keep parents engaged and informed while encouraging youth to learn valuable financial skills.

“By combining forces with the Credit Union Association of New Mexico, we are elevating the Kiddie Kredit experience for credit union members,” said Evan Leaphart, Founder of Kiddie Kredit. “Through this partnership, we are empowering even the youngest credit union members to develop sound financial habits from an early age, setting them up for lifelong success.”

CUANM’s Senior Director of Partnerships and Financial Empowerment, Rebecca Isaacs, is looking forward to collaborating with Kiddie Kredit. “We believe this partnership will not only help credit unions retain their young members, but ignite their financial education, leading to financial independence as they grow into adult members. Most importantly, this will be an avenue for parents to be involved in their kid’s financial education.”

To learn more about Kiddie Kredit and the partnership with CUANM, visit or contact Rebecca Isaacs at

Rebecca Isaacs, CUANM (Pictured above)


Evan Leaphart, Kiddie Kredit (Pictured above)


About Kiddie Kredit

Kiddie Kredit is a mobile app designed to help children learn the fundamentals of financial responsibility. The app uses a gamified approach to teach kids about credit scores, savings, and other essential financial concepts. With an engaging interface and educational content, Kiddie Kredit aims to build a strong foundation for a lifetime of financial success. For more information, visit

About Credit Union Association of New Mexico:

The Credit Union Association of New Mexico is a trade organization dedicated to supporting the growth and success of credit unions in the state. CUANM provides resources, education, and advocacy to help credit unions better serve their members and communities. To learn more, visit


Evan Leaphart
Founder & CEO
Kiddie Kredit

Rebecca Isaacs, CUDE
Senior Director of Partnerships & Financial Empowerment
Credit Union Association of New Mexico

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