Knoxville TVA Credit Union earns voice app certification using BIG’s FIVE voice banking platform

New skill enables touchless, secure banking with Amazon Alexa

TAMPA, FL (June 12, 2020)Best Innovation Group (BIG) a technology and financial services innovator, is pleased to announce that the Knoxville TVA Employees Credit Union has received certification from Amazon for their FIVE Voice Banking Platform Alexa skill. The skill allows members to ask for information and perform transactions from the privacy of their homes using only their voice. The project was accomplished through BIG’s long-standing partnership with Connect FSS.

“We are very mindful of the rising interest in conversational banking, and integration with the FIVE product is a great way to bring our credit union clients access to this important marketplace” stated Grant Parry, President/CEO of Connect FSS.  “The BIG team has been essential in navigating through the sometimes complex process of getting a transactional service certified with Amazon, and we have tremendous respect for their systems integration and project management capabilities.”

The conversational FIVE platform enables the credit union’s 200,000 members to have touchless, secure access to their shares and loans for both information and transactions using the convenience of voice interaction. With financial institutions all over the country closing their lobbies in response to the coronavirus, more members are turning to digital channels. But traditional mobile and online solutions may be challenging to some members, especially those with visual or physical challenges in using their computers or mobile devices.

John Best, founder and CEO of Best Innovation Group, realized early on that voice banking would be a game-changer for credit unions. “I don’t think any of us envisioned a global pandemic as being the catalyst for this type of change. We’ve seen for years that voice technology would be the next wave of human-computer interaction because it’s such a natural, intuitive interface. But now with financial institutions experiencing this massive disruption of their normal operations, we’re watching voice use become a mainstream channel for credit unions that were ahead of the curve in deploying it.”

To learn more about conversational banking with the FIVE platform, visit BIG’s website at or follow @BigFintech on twitter.

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