Larky announces nudge® compatibility with 2022 Android and iOS releases

ANN ARBOR, MICH (November 15, 2022) — WHAT: Larky, a fintech provider proactively connecting financial institutions with their audience in the right place and at the right time, has announced full compatibility of its nudge® libraries with both Android 13 and iOS 16.

To ensure compatibility with Android 13, Larky has completed an update (v3.2.0) to its product libraries, which is recommended for Android mobile apps targeting API level 33. With this update, the nudge library® will conditionally prompt the app user for permission to receive push notifications – a newly-added runtime permission in Android 13. In addition to the notification permission prompt, the new Android library version includes enhanced analytics that will improve the ability of financial institutions to measure and improve the effectiveness of their messaging campaigns.

After conducting thorough analysis and testing, Larky has determined that the current version of its iOS library (v2.0.4) is fully compatible with apps running on the newest iOS 16 release.

WHY: Larky’s nudge® solution distributes push notifications to account holders directly from a financial institution’s mobile banking app. To ensure full functionality of the product, Larky produces updates to its library to accommodate the latest mobile OS releases from Google and Apple.

HOW: To use Larky’s new nudge® Android library, the only update required is a change in the build gradle file to reference `3.2.0` for the version number of the library itself. There are no changes to any code-related calls or parameters.

For mobile banking apps running on the newest iOS 16 release, no further update is required at this time as Larky’s nudge® Apple library is fully compatible.

CONTACT: For more information on the product updates, contact Gabriela Lumpkin at or Angelo D. Jones II at

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Larky, the market leader of consumer engagement technology, empowers financial institutions to proactively connect with their audience in the right place, at the right time. The company advances digital transformation in the banking sector through its Larky nudge® platform, which delivers tailored turnkey push notification campaigns to selected account holders. For more information, visit Follow Larky on LinkedIn and Twitter.


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