Lattice Marketing, LLC announces partnership: People Driven Credit Union

OMAHA, NE (September 25, 2014) — Lattice Marketing, LLC a Nebraska limited liability company having its principal offices at 2211 S. 156th Circle, Suite 2C, Omaha, Nebraska 68130 and developer of the Auto Loan Direct!™ program. “We are pleased to have People Driven Credit Union partner with us to boost their loan portfolio.” said Brian Beach, CEO of Lattice Marketing.

Auto Loan Direct! is a turn-key program that is designed to generate new profitable loan growth and acquire new members, while eliminating all the risk of marketing costs for Community Credit Unions. The unique approach to the auto refinance market has proven to be effective, generating millions of dollars in new assets.

“The AutoLoanDirect! program has been a wonderful addition to our Loan acquisition portfolio. The Credit Union has funded almost$500,000 in new loans. We thought we would win only C&D paper but all are pleasantly surprised we are getting lots of A&B paper as well. We would have never gotten these loans prior to Lattice Marketing, in fact there is no way we would have gotten these loans without the help of Lattice Marketing. We have mailed 2 campaigns to date and we received 71 responses from the first campaign. We have another $90,000 of funded loans from the second campaign in the first few days with another$51,000 in process. The Lattice team has done everything that they said they would do and more.This is a great partner to work with.” said Emily Roberts, Vice President and Branch Manager.

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