Press advances correspondent services for Volunteer Corporate Credit Union

WICHITA, KS (February 6, 2015) (LT) , The Correspondent Technology Experts, announced today that they have deployed their Vault Cash and Live Wire, real-time wire transfer service, to Volunteer Corporate Credit Union (VolCorp), Nashville, TN. LT’s service enhances VolCorp’s member credit unions user experience by integrating all wire origination, transmission, monitoring, reporting, ACH operations, and vault cash ordering into VolCorp’s ezfunds platform. VolCorp’s need to simplify, expand and speed-up wire processes led them to LT, a proven and trusted partner for complete treasury management solutions that are scaled specifically for a correspondent institution’s unique service set.

Live Wire is all about timing and empowering efficiency. Live Wire enables VolCorp’s member credit unions to leverage LT’s direct Federal Reserve connectivity by providing real-time wire transfers and confirmations, while back-end automation can decision the transactions for processing or hold them for review, collectively empowering the credit union’s back office with instant critical information while helping create more efficient use of time. The Vault Cash solution expands on this efficiency by providing an easy process for credit union members to place and manage FRB coin and currency orders.

“VolCorp is always exploring ways to make the daily operations experience better for our members,” said Karla Knisley, Sr. Vice President, Chief Operations Officer, VolCorp. “LT’s Live Wire solution provides consolidated wire processes that enable a whole new level of operational efficiency. Furthermore, LT’s willingness to work within our current technology environment and expand on our strengths really shows their dedication and flexibility to meet our needs. Their service level has been exceptional.”

“LT specializes in any and all flavors of system integration and wire processing as no one system or operator is the same, so we can start from the ground up or fill in the gaps as necessary,” said Jon Budd, SVP for LT. “Our Vault Cash service simplifies ordering and managing daily cash needs. Corporate credit unions understand the need to provide enhanced solutions for their member credit unions. LT is pleased that VolCorp continues to leverage ezfunds in their mission to expand and solidify relationships while providing a service-first advantage.”

LT’s Live Wire and Vault Cash solutions are part of their Correspondent Gateway, an aggregated suite of services that provides transaction, reporting, risk management and settlement solutions between a correspondent FI and their member FI’s through a branded, online portal.

About LT
Headquartered in Wichita, KS, LT is the largest third-party provider of inter-bank transaction and reporting systems outside the Federal Reserve serving thousands of institutions nationwide. LT demonstrates strength, vision and reliability in serving correspondent financial institutions and their respective user bases. A privately held corporation, LT was founded by and is operated by bankers. Please visit for more information.

About VolCorp
Volunteer Corporate Credit Union (VolCorp) is a not-for-profit financial cooperative that serves natural person credit unions nationally. Guided by a volunteer board of directors, VolCorp was organized for the express purpose of providing low-cost financial services and competitive investment and lending rates to our member/owners. Visit for additional information.

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