LEVERAGE and the Mid-America Service Corporation collaborate to market Ventelligence to the Dakotas

Mike Bridges – Vice President, Marketing and Communications

Tallahassee, FL – May 23, 2011 – As credit unions feel the pain of more regulatory burden, LEVERAGE’s Ventelligence vendor management product is fast becoming a trusted tool to help comply with NCUA requirements. LEVERAGE and the Mid-America Service Corporation, a subsidiary of the Credit Union Association of the Dakotas, are collaborating to bring credit unions in North and South Dakota one of the most comprehensive vendor management resources in the marketplace that also has a revolutionary component in ePurchasing.

Ventelligence offers an automated system that provides a web-based contract database, third party vendor risk assessments, due diligence templates, and an innovative ePurchasing strategy. Ventelligence’s ePurchasing allows credit unions to have vendors bid against each other for the credit union’s contract. The savings through ePurchasing average about 30 percent. Mid-America Service Corporation will have exclusive rights in the Dakotas to market Ventelligence. With economies of scale the way they are, collaborating to bring a successful product to another credit union association makes sense.

“Ventelligence is a product that revolutionizes the way a credit union manages and signs its contracts,” said LEVERAGE President/CEO Patrick La Pine. “It makes good business sense to work with other leagues and associations to bring this unique product to them. The ePurchasing component of Ventelligence is so easy to use that we think the credit unions in Mid America will see a serious improvement in efficiencies in securing their contracts through ePurchasing while utilizing the full power of Ventelligence.”

The Mid-America Service Corp is excited to offer the innovative Ventelligence product and the many solutions it offers credit unions. The impact on credit unions should be immediate.

“This presented a great opportunity for us to collaborate with another state association on a product that can benefit our members,” said Mid-America Service Corp President/CEO Robbie Thompson. “Credit unions are under severe pressure to decrease costs without sacrificing their future or their service to members. We have seen the significant savings that credit unions in the southeast achieved through past ePurchasing events and we hope that by bringing this solution to the Dakotas, that our credit unions will see similar savings.”

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