LEVERAGE partners with Credit Union Financial Services

BIRMINGHAM, AL (May 2, 2022) — LEVERAGE is excited to announce a new partnership with Credit Union Financial Services (CUFS), a Credit Union Services Organization (CUSO) providing a full suite of mortgage products and services to credit unions and their members throughout the southeast. Credit unions can partner with the CUSO to implement and/or grow their mortgage lending programs while also offering a new benefit to their membership.

“Through this new partnership with CUFS, participating credit unions will be able to generate a new revenue stream of mortgage lending – or grow the one they have – while providing members with affordable home loan solutions. This is a win-win for credit unions and members alike,” stated Steve Willis, President of LEVERAGE. “Perhaps the best part of a partnership with CUFS is that participating credit unions do not need to hire or allocate staff to implement the program. The credit union simply passes along the member mortgage inquiry to CUFS, and their team of Licensed Mortgage Advisors takes it from there. It’s that easy.”

CUFS manages the complete loan origination, loan fulfillment, and loan servicing processes for credit unions that choose a full-service solution, but they also offer a-la-carte services to credit unions that need support in a specific area of mortgage lending. As a value add, CUFS’ partnerships also include staff training, member counseling and training, mortgage marketing materials, and bi-monthly performance reporting – all at zero cost to the credit union.

“I am confident our partnership with CUFS will enable more credit unions to compete in the mortgage lending marketplace and enable more credit union members to achieve their dreams of home ownership,” Willis concluded.

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Mike Miller
Communications Manager

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