LEVERAGE partners with Element to bring modern design to credit unions

BIRMINGHAM, AL (February 8, 2022)LEVERAGE is excited to announce a new partnership with Element to offer credit unions a new way to transform their outdated financial spaces into dynamic experiences that will enhance member engagement. Element designs and implements highly effective retail branches and headquarters facilities for financial institutions across the country. The full-service firm was founded in 2011 to modernize how financial institutions interact with their customers.

“Element brings extensive knowledge and experience in the financial world to update the design and implementation of credit unions to what’s expected in today’s fast-paced, on-the-go world,” stated Steve Willis, President of LEVERAGE. “Credit unions need to make sure their physical space aligns with their brand. Creativity and innovation are key when it comes to remodeling or building from the ground up.”

From the quality of the foundation to the mug sitting on an office desk, Element believes every detail matters. The firm’s integrated approach is used to develop brand identity, select new locations, design, build and remodel facilities, and implement messaging and merchandising strategies. These efforts lead to enhanced member loyalty, more efficient operations, and increased network profitability.

The Element team specializes in listening and then turning the goals of credit unions into inviting fully functional retail spaces. From blueprint to branch launch, experts are there to make the financial institution’s vision concrete. Custom digital displays help bring new and existing members through the doors, then interact with them in more practical ways.

“Element’s portfolio shows bold new designs that are welcoming and help credit unions deliver on their missions,” concluded Willis. “We are confident that our partnership with Element will help your credit union grow and continue to succeed in your community.”


LEVERAGE, the Service Corporation for the League of Southeastern Credit Unions & Affiliates, is the business services provider that leverages credit union system resources, relationships, and industry knowledge for optimal performance and sustained growth of its clients and business partners. We work to offer credit unions best-in-class products and services that result in reducing costs, maximizing results, and making the most difference. For more information, visit or follow LEVERAGE on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Mike Miller
Communications Manager

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