LEVERAGE partners with Neural Payments

BIRMINGHAM, AL (December 5, 2022) — LEVERAGE is excited to announce a new partnership with Neural Payments, a new product from LEVERAGE Payment Solutions, that makes sending money anywhere, at any time, a seamless experience.

With Neural Payments, credit union members can send funds to users through their credit union’s mobile app to PayPal, Venmo, and Visa/MasterCard. The receiver of the funds also can choose where the funds are sent, with fund transfers occurring in real time, giving your members access to their funds right there and now.

“Through this new partnership with Neural Payments, credit union members will have additional ways to manage their money,” stated Steve Willis, President of LEVERAGE. “Neural Payments not only reduces the risk associated with sending money through third-party applications, but it keeps your accounts safe by giving you the power to choose where you money goes and how quickly you can access your funds.”

Credit Unions can implement Neural Payments in less than 90 days, and there are no additional settlement processes for employees to learn. There is no third-party app required and no card registration to enroll in the program, reducing the potential risk for fraud and support calls relating to disputes.

“We are constantly searching for new ways to enhance our credit unions and we are confident that this partnership with Neural Payments will elevate your member’s experience,” Willis concluded.

To learn more about how LEVERAGE and Neural Payments can assist your credit union, please email


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Mike Miller
Communications Manager

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