LLCU partners with C.H.E.L.P. of Decatur to become first designated “dementia-friendly” credit union in Central IL

DECATUR, IL (March 17, 2023) — Land of Lincoln Credit Union (LLCU) has partnered with Dementia Friendly Decatur and C.H.E.L.P. to become the first central Illinois credit union to earn the designation of a “Dementia Friendly Credit Union.” Training for this designation is being provided by C.H.E.L.P. staff as part of the National initiative, Dementia Friendly America, which began to create communities that is informed, safe and respectful of individuals afflicted with dementia. This specific training provided to a designated group of LLCU employees is aimed to help them better recognize signs of possible
dementia as they relate to money mismanagement, and/or financial abuse. They also learn how best to communicate with, and assist, a person suspected to be experiencing symptoms, both on the job, and in their personal dealings with the community-at-large. To date, 6 have completed the training and by the end of April 75% of our Decatur staff will have completed the training.

“Through our partnership with Dementia Friendly Decatur and C.H.E.L.P. to obtain this designation, we feel much more prepared to recognize and assist our maturing members who may find themselves dealing with dementia, either themself, or with a loved one,” stated Jeri Conaway, LLCU Senior Vice President of Member Services. “We are working hard to equip front-line staff with the skill set and intuition to safely and respectfully assist them with money management and to help them avoid financial abuse or harm.”

Approximately 55 LLCU employees will complete the Dementia Friendly training program. Those staff members will return to their respective LLCU branch and will champion the topic with the staff at that location. Ultimately, the goal is for all LLCU staff to know the signs and know how to recognize and assist members experiencing dementia signs. For more information regarding this LLCU designation, please visit:

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