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ALEXANDRIA, VA (May 3, 2022) — Spectra Credit Union is proud to announce the winners of the 2022 Stellar Educator Award. Whether directly in the classroom, through school-wide leadership, or via experimental strategies to reach students, our educators everywhere work tirelessly to provide students with a stellar education. Spectra has made it a priority to show appreciation to the educators who have inspired our kids with their passion and creativity.

The winners were chosen from nominations provided to Spectra throughout the month of April and 10 hard-working educators were selected to receive a $500 cash prize each.

Kristin Schultz, CEO, commented, “Spectra is honored to have the opportunity to recognize all the winners of the 2022 Stellar Educator Award who were selected for their dedication in the classroom and to cultivating our next generation of scientists, artists, doctors, engineers and more.”

2022 Stellar Educators

Mary Elizabeth G. at Southern Maryland Christian Academy
Mary has had a full schedule teaching school, raising three boys, being a member of the La Plata Fire Department, and holding the Office of Secretary. She doesn’t give up when the going gets hard she just keeps on moving until she reaches her goal and beyond.

Sally R. at Montgomery County Public Schools
Sally has been a special education teacher for over 40 years and has devoted her life to serving students with disabilities. She has retired from teaching full time and now devotes her time as a substitute teacher, which has been a crucial role during the pandemic.

Karen D. at Baden Elementary School
Karen goes above and beyond to help make sure kids have the resources and tools needed to excel in learning. During virtual learning, Karen used her own money to buy all her students supplies including dry erase boards, markers, stress relief toys, counter blocks, line paper for writing skills, and more! She also used her weekends to drive around and deliver the supplies to the students.

Lisa E. at Marshall Road Elementary School
Lisa goes the extra mile for her students to ensure they thrive. When students began returning to classroom learning, one student confided in her that they had no food in their home. Lisa immediately contacted local non-profits to coordinate food deliveries, groceries, a new microwave, clothing, and rent assistance for this student and their family.

Jackie W. at St Leonard Elementary School
Jackie is a very dedicated and caring teacher who leaves a positive and lasting impression on her students. Students adore her and often ask to visit her even after they move beyond elementary school. The love she receives from current and former students is an inspiration to her peers.

Christina W. at Capitol Heights Elementary
Christina consistently exemplifies love, respect, and genuine care for her students. Her high energy and positive attitude are unmatched! She promotes individuality and truly cares about teaching her students accountability and responsibility.

Crystal H. at St Peter’s School
A colleague asked students for comments on their experience with Crystal and they consistently agreed that she always makes class engaging and doesn’t hesitate to share personal examples from her life that makes the lessons more relatable. Studentsbdescribe Crystal as being straightforward and always pushing students to be their best.

Laura G. at Severna Park High School
Laura is a science teacher who helps her students feel empowered with an abundanceb of hands-on, lab activities. Many of her classes include special needs children, but Laura provides adaptations to lessons that allow all students to be successful.

Teodoro M. at St Veronica Catholic School
Teodoro was nominated by a former student. After moving to the U.S. from Guam in 2020, he worked hard to adjust to the new environment and learn the school’s technology. During this, he also had to switch to teaching science online. Despite these c allenges, however, he persevered. As a result of his enthusiasm, students took more
interest in science and began looking forward to his class every day. Teodoro’s main goal is to help his students understand and love science while making sure everyone has a good experience in his class.

Randy W. at The Digital Enterprise Academy
Randy is a force of nature, educating children that wouldn’t have an opportunity in STEM in the DC area. He has taken an idea and turned it into an education program that shows children they can have a future in technology when they never thought they could.

Nominations will reopen next spring for the 2023 Stellar Educator Award. Follow @SpectraCU on Instagram to be the first to know.

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