Lodestar Technologies integrates deep data across all credit union systems

VANCOUVER, BC (December 5, 2023)As credit unions strive to deepen member engagement to create greater value in each relationship, having the right data in hand is essential – but sometimes not enough. What matters most, according to Lodestar Technologies, is data that goes deeper. This is because deep data enables deeper analytics, allows far greater flexibility and produces far greater insights. It allows organization leaders to hone informed strategies that build efficiencies and ultimately produce growth. 

Through digging deep into data for 15 years, Lodestar has developed industry-leading expertise and emphasizes that not all approaches to harnessing data are equal. While all data warehousing and analytics vendors partner with financial institutions to capture data and essentially move it from point A to point B, this is not enough. 

Lodestar Chief Technology Officer Colin Phillips explains, “It’s critical to take time within the data, transforming it to draw out the deeper meaning. At Lodestar, we understand credit union data, allowing us to simplify, augment and transform it so that it is elevated to a new level. We convert terminology so that non-technical staff and business leaders can better see the data’s relevance and use it to grow their organizations. This is what depth in data looks like and what it takes to provide effective business analytics opportunities for credit unions.” 

With a robust data warehouse and visualization platform created with care in this way, credit unions can access actionable data that scales, evolves and becomes a living part of the organization for years to come. 

While well known as a Fiserv DNA expert, Lodestar has delved deep into data residing within numerous core systems and has the expertise to integrate and work with data from any core, having partnered with financial institutions on conversions and mergers involving the industry’s most popular core systems. This experience has given the data experts at Lodestar a thorough understanding of and time spent within various cores, their data, their nuances and how it all works together. 

Lodestar’s core-agnostic solutions are available to any financial institution looking to dig deeper for greater insights into consumer opportunities. For more information, visit

About Lodestar Technologies

Founded in 2008, Lodestar provides data warehousing, business intelligence analytics and professional services solutions to financial institutions. From best-in-class technology to decades of industry experience, we support our clients no matter where they are – and where they want to go – on their analytics journey. For more information, visit


Merideth Miller, M2 The Agency

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