Louisiana, Washington and Georgia state regulators continue serving on NASCUS Board; Michigan regulator elected as NASCUS Chairman

ARLINGTON, VA (September 23, 2013) — At the 2013 NASCUS Annual Meeting on Sept. 18  in Coeur D’Alene, three sitting NASCUS Board members officially began new three-year terms.

The state regulators continuing their service on the NASCUS Board are John Fields (LA), Linda Jekel (WA) and Steve Pleger (GA). Each Board member will serve a three-year term ending in September 2016.

Pleger is Senior Deputy Commissioner with the Georgia Department of Banking & Finance.  Fields is Deputy Chief Examiner with the Louisiana Office of Financial Institutions, and Jekel is the Director, Division of Credit Unions with the Washington Department of Financial Institutions.

The remaining sitting NASCUS Board members include: Orla Beth Peck, Supervisor of Credit Unions
Utah Department of Financial Institutions;  John Kolhoff, Director for the Michigan Office of Credit Unions;  Michael Wettrich, Deputy Superintendent for Credit Unions, Division of Financial Institutions, Ohio Department of Commerce;  Mary Ellen O’Neill, Director, Financial Institution Division, CT Department of Banking and Werner Paul, Deputy Commissioner, Virginia Bureau of Financial Institutions

The NASCUS Board also elected its officers. Kolhoff is Chairman, Wettrich is Chairman-elect and O’Neill  will serve as Secretary/Treasurer.  Chairman Kolhoff also appointed Jay P. Bienvenu, Senior Deputy Commissioner with the Massachusetts Division of Banks, to a one year term on the NASCUS Board.

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