LSCU and CUNA launch joint membership campaign to drive home the benefits of local and national representation

Campaign touts strength of PAC giving, lawmaker relationships, grassroots reach, real-time compliance help and coordinated advocacy

The League of Southeastern Credit Unions (LSCU) and the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) this week launched a new website,, as part of a strategic membership and messaging campaign to drive home the benefits of representation at the local and national levels.

The campaign, called “Local Network. National Impact.”,  stresses the power that comes from having intel, advocacy and relationships at the local and national levels – and sharing that information between two closely aligned trade associations.

“There is real membership value that comes from having the combined strength of proven advocacy organizations that effectively represent the interests of credit unions at the state and national levels,” said Patrick La Pine, LSCU president and CEO.  “We want credit unions to understand the power of the relationships, the expertise and the ability to activate millions of members for the cause of credit unions.”

Among the membership values detailed on are strong coordinated state and federal advocacy efforts, real-time compliance help from known and trusted experts and public-facing efforts that grow credit union memberships.

In the last two election cycles, the CUNA and LSCU PACs raised nearly $10 million and contributed $4.2 million to federal campaigns.  Together, the organizations have 11 million members in their member activation program.

“Working with LSCU on this important affiliation effort is a perfect example of how CUNA and Leagues can and should work closely together,” said Rich Meade, CUNA’s chief of staff.

The campaign also features testimonials from members, including Darryl Worrell, President/CEO, Envision CU in Tallahassee, Florida.

“The benefits my credit union receives from being a member of both LSCU and CUNA are tenfold what we pay in dues. I believe that their combined efforts offer better access to our state and federal lawmakers than other trade associations,” Worrell said.  “They work together to be able to pass key pieces of legislation, such as changes to Florida’s service of process laws for financial institutions, and offer us expert compliance guidance and support. I am proud that my credit union and our members are represented by the LSCU and CUNA.”

Other testimonials include:

John Hirabayashi, President/CEO, Community First CU, Jacksonville, FL

“Being a member of both LSCU and CUNA benefits my credit union, our staff and ultimately our members. The information we receive on a daily basis in regard to what is happening in the legislative and regulatory arenas alone make it worthwhile to be a member of both. However, that’s not where the benefits end. LSCU and CUNA afford us the opportunity to meet face to face with lawmakers, regulators, and key decision makers on a regular basis. The advocacy team does a great job advocating for the interests of credit unions. I’m proud that Community First CU is a member of both LSCU and CUNA!”

Jan Page, President/CEO, Community South CU, Chipley, FL

“Community South chooses to be a member of LSCU and CUNA because we believe that a united voice is crucial. We know and trust the advocates that we have in Tallahassee and Washington and we are confident in their ability to protect the rights of our members to have access to affordable financial products and services. LSCU and CUNA are second to none. Quite simply, we affiliate for our members.”

Olabode Anise, President/CEO, Azalea City CU, Mobile, AL

“We chose to be members of LSCU and CUNA because we believe that together, our credit union’s interest will be maximized at the local, state and national level. Additionally, the trainings that the League is able to offer at the local level add a great benefit to my credit union and ultimately our members.”

Bob Steensma, President/CEO Five Star CU, Dothan, AL

“Choosing to affiliate with the League of Southeastern Credit Unions and CUNA has always been an easy decision for our credit union. We pay annual dues and get a daily benefit. Whether it’s the access to information, compliance guidance or the unmatched advocacy we get at the state and federal levels, I know we are receiving an incredible return on our credit union’s investment. While other trade associations can claim to offer you the same value you get from LSCU and CUNA membership at a lower cost, none can actually deliver on that promise. Five Star CU is proud to be affiliated with the LSCU and CUNA.”

Steve Swofford, President/CEO, Alabama CU, Tuscaloosa, AL

“I would tell any credit union official that if you have the resources and the desire to belong to other associations outside the League/CUNA structure, then go ahead. However, to make the choice to support only those organizations at the exclusion of the LSCU and CUNA is shortsighted. A weaker CUNA/League system leaves us more exposed to the many environmental threats so evident today. I believe our very survival depends on a strong CUNA and a responsive League.”

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