Mahalo hires 20-year fintech expert Ken Kondo to lead software development team

CHELSEA, MI (January 25, 2022)Mahalo Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of online and mobile banking solutions for credit unions, has announced the hiring of 20-year credit union and fintech expert Ken Kondo as Vice President of Software Development. Kondo will lead the organization’s business analysts and developers, enabling them to advance their strategic initiatives. He looks to challenge processes with the practice of Kaizen to create a high performing team and environment.

In his new position, Kondo’s short-term goals are to help lead Mahalo’s software development practice into the future with scale, while continually modernizing the member experience. Long-term, he plans to keep the organization’s roadmap full of great ideas in collaboration with clients and continued, relentless research in the marketplace.

One of the many great things about Mahalo that attracted Kondo is that the company strongly believes in collaboration. With great innovative partners collaborating, he believes they can solve more financial technology problems together.

“The competition used to just be banks and community banks,” he says. “Today, that has grown to include neobanks, the “Big 5” (banks), and fintechs. Keeping the digital experience fresh and modern for members will do a lot to help credit unions compete well into the future.”

Some of the issues Kondo would like to help solve revolve around financial wellness and education. Through analytics and features that inform members, he sees these issues being accomplished in a fun and meaningful way.

“Ultimately, having the opportunity to work with some of my favorites like Jim Stickley, Ron Murray, Denny Howell, and Gina Kovacs made this opportunity a no brainer,” he says. “Mahalo is tightly coupled with the credit union movement and ‘People Helping People,’ which is important to me – as well as their values of being secure, transparent, innovative, agile, collaborative, and respectful that all foster the perfect work environment.”

About Mahalo Technologies

Mahalo Technologies, Inc. provides online and mobile banking solutions for credit unions. Based in Troy, Mich., the Mahalo platform is designed and built on superior architecture with deep integration to core processing, providing security and a robust feature set across all delivery channels for a true omniexperience. Mahalo banking is feature-rich and price competitive to help all credit unions achieve a technology advantage in the marketplace. For more information on Mahalo banking, please visit us at


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