Majority of credit unions do not think they have complete protection against insider threats

WESTPORT, CT (April 7, 2015) — Awareness Technologies, the leading provider of insider threat protection on demand announced the results of a survey conducted in partnership with the CUNA Strategic Services (CSS) regarding how Credit Unions protect sensitive and confidential data.

The survey indicates that the majority of credit unions have serious security concerns regarding insider threats. In fact, 83% of the financial institutions surveyed acknowledge their biggest concern is confidential information being transferred to unauthorized recipients, while another 52% say they are worried about sensitive data being transferred by use of removable media.

Even more concerning, 77% of all CU’s surveyed do not believe, or they are unsure if they have complete protection regarding internal data threats, but 62% have stated they already have security controls in place. These last two statistics are alarming because this would suggest that the overwhelming majority of credit unions surveyed do not believe they have enough protection regarding data threats that occur internally.

According to Part 748 of , establish risk assessments and control measures, assist in the identification of persons who commit or attempt actions and crimes—knowingly or accidentally—that could result in data breaches and other security threats; and direct response programs that specify actions to be taken when the credit union suspects or detects that unauthorized individuals have gained access to member information systems—including appropriate reports to regulatory and law enforcement agencies.

“The demand for insider threat protection is growing, but it’s often an expensive and demanding process,” says Michael Goldberg, Vice President of Corporate Marketing. “But we pride ourselves on making sure these solutions are cost-effective and easy to use and implement.” Awareness Technologies’ endpoint-based, unified internal threat management solutions allow credit unions and other organizations the ability to provide uniform coverage for on-site, remote, and traveling employees—an architectural advantage that closes the gaps left by traditional (network-based) solutions.

Awareness Technologies’ internal threat platform (“InterGuard”) provides a single solution for complete protection in an easy-to-use software-as-a-service (SaaS) format. And because damage from internal threats is caused at the endpoint, InterGuard is deployed on the endpoint. This means the system delivers high levels of visibility and control—both on and off the network.

The InterGuard system provides:

  • An easily scaled endpoint solution that helps companies protect themselves from data loss and insider threats while increasing productivity. The system uncovers risks by scanning all the PCs in the organization to show where confidential information resides (data-at-rest) and prevents confidential data-in-motion from leaking out of the organization via webmail, attachments, web postings, or USB devices.
  • Employee auditing software that allows credit unions to monitor all computer activity and to proactively notify administrators of potential fraud. The software allows users to set schedules that control which software applications can be used, and when. For example, you can choose to block time-wasting applications during work hours, and to permanently block dangerous applications.

“Of course all activity is recorded and available to you in your online account,” says Goldberg. “Credit unions can replay all activity on the end points to satisfy audit demands and to understand the ‘who, what, when, where, and how’ of a data breach or a fraud event.”  InterGuard, in effect, allows credit unions to:

  • Stop theft or loss of confidential data, including customer information, credit cards, health records, and intellectual property;
  • Increase employee productivity;
  • End risks of operational and financial damage from laptop theft or loss;
  • Stop employees from breaking company policies; and
  • Improve regulatory compliance—eliminating fines, reputation damage, and losses.

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About Awareness Technologies
As the pioneer in Unified Insider Threat Prevention, Awareness Technologies’ SaaS-based service is easily available and affordable for businesses of any size. Architected at the endpoint, clients can access 4 technologies including DLP, web filtering, employee monitoring and laptop recovery, through one agent download and one control console. Awareness Technologies has over 10,000 businesses world-wide currently depending on its solutions to protect their data from insider threats, and has been named on the Deloitte Technology Fast 500, Inc. 5000 and Software 500. Awareness Technologies products are Citrix Ready and VMware Ready.

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