Malauzai Software Adds PFM Elements to iPad SmartApps With Launch of Better Mobile

Further enhances tablet experience, takes advantage of longer session duration

AUSTIN, TX (September 10, 2013)Malauzai Software Inc., a provider of mobile banking SmartApps for community financial institutions, has enhanced its mobile banking SmartApp for iPad devices with the Better Mobile suite, which includes personal financial management (PFM) functionalities.

The Better Mobile addition to the iPad SmartApp gives users access to basic PFM features that are most used by consumers. The Future Cash Calendar displays money movement on a visual calendar and calculates what the balance will be on each date. Transaction history is shown in Cash Flows as a simplified bar chart indicating “money in” and “money out,” providing a visualization of how money is used during a given time period. Scratch Pad notes paper checks and other transactions not yet withdrawn and accounts for them in the balance.

Malauzai launched the first phase of its iPad SmartApp in March 2013 and saw significant interest among its community bank and credit union clients. The company reported in its July Monkey Insights mobile banking usage data report that iPad users spend 50 percent more time on mobile banking than those using smartphones. This makes the platform ideal for more in depth banking functionality such as PFM.

 “First generation PFM provided flash and sizzle, however, the integration model for Internet banking was all wrong. For the mobile version, change is needed to make it truly useful for most people,” said Robb Gaynor, chief product officer of Malauzai. “Part of that change is making it simpler. Tools such as budgeting, savings and aggregation are nice to have, but are non-essential and are not adopted by many consumers. Malauzai’s approach to PFM is to meet the common needs of the largest audience. Better Mobile seeks to answer the most asked questions. What is my actual working balance? Will I have enough money to pay a bill on a certain date? How did I spend my money? End users of our iPad SmartApp can have those answers instantly.”

About Malauzai Software
Malauzai was incorporated in 2009 in response to the growing demand in the mobile channel marketplace.  As a leading-edge company in a cool town, with a focus primarily on community financial institutions, Malauzai looks to provide mobile solutions that will enhance the customer experience ultimately resulting in increased value.

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