Malauzai Software launches SmartMarketing to help community financial institutions increase mobile adoption

AUSTIN, TX (December 11, 2014) — Malauzai Software, a provider of mobile banking SmartApps for community financial institutions, has launched its SmartMarketing program for community banks and credit unions to help drive adoption of mobile banking. The SmartMarketing program teaches employees about mobile banking and trains branch staff on how to promote the SmartApp to existing and potential account holders.  Lubbock, Texas-based Vista Bank has found success through their use of the SmartMarketing program thus far.

The SmartMarketing program provides Malauzai clients with tools for success, including training guides, best practices, marketing schedules, industry insights and customizable marketing templates. Additionally, Malauzai provides banner ad templates, social media posts, FAQs and conversational scripts. The program helps financial institutions innovate and drive adoption through in-app cross-selling strategies, allowing the institution to reach new users, build communication channel strategies and save money through a lower cost per acquisition.

“The SmartMarketing offering is very exciting for us as we strive to build a successful mobile banking program,” said Randy Runquist, COO of Vista Bank. “The material Malauzai has built is creative and customizable, enabling us to run a campaign you would expect from a large institution with its own marketing team or agency. We expect SmartMarketing to help us build awareness of our SmartApp among current customers and the broader community.”

Malauzai’s SmartMarketing program is further enhanced by a Real-Time End-User Behavior Analytics (REBA) feature, which shows financial institutions a snapshot of users’ activities. Malauzai’s comprehensive toolkit offers advice for targeted marketing based on real-time data found in REBA, giving banks and credit unions a competitive advantage.

“Vista Bank, with $300 million in assets is the perfect example of a community FI that has competitive mobile banking products and uses SmartMarketing to augment their internal marketing efforts to build awareness,” said Robb Gaynor, chief product officer of Malauzai. “Malauzai aims to help our clients by providing them with professional quality marketing collateral and expert guidance to build mobile momentum among current and potential account holders.”

About Malauzai Software

Malauzai was incorporated in 2009 in response to the growing demand for a technology company that could provide innovative mobile solutions for community financial organizations. As a cool company in a cool town with a focus primarily on community financial institutions, Malauzai looks to provide mobile solutions that will enhance the customer experience ultimately resulting in increased value for financial institutions

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