Maps Credit Union Uses CDFI Certification to Enhance Community Bond

SALEM, OR (August 7, 2013) — Gaining its CDFI certification last month with help from CDFI certification and grant writing firm CU Strategic Planning, Maps Credit Union ($460 million: 44,435 members; Salem, OR) looks to enhance its stance even further when it comes to its tireless commitment to serving its community.  Maps will leverage its current status as Oregon’s largest CDFI* to expand partnerships with other non-profits and community development organizations, as well as government and public agencies. The certification also opens doors to additional resources through the U.S. Treasury that can bring significant resources to the communities the credit union serves.

“This certification is evidence of that commitment to expanding the capacity of our community for economic success,” states Maps CU’s Vice President of Development Jill Nowacki. “As a CDFI, we will continue working day in and day out to meet the needs of our community members by helping identify and fill gaps in financial services that prevent individuals from achieving financial independence and building assets.”

According to Nowacki, Maps’ previous commitment to the community was already evident that it was behaving as a CDFI – only without the certification. The certification adds credibility to the credit union’s efforts when it reaches out to other groups in establishing partnerships, and also opens doors to additional resources through the U.S. Treasury that can bring significant resources to the communities it serves.

To lead the credit union through the intense CDFI application process as smoothly and quickly as possible and begin using this certification to serve its community, Maps partnered with CU Strategic Planning. The firm’s proven track record made it a logical partner, which certainly paid off as they helped Maps navigate the process effectively and successfully.

“The value having a CDFI certification is tremendous,” Nowacki says. “It opens doors to so many possibilities that I know we have not begun to scratch the surface of understanding. Obtaining the certification will help us explore these possibilities, further differentiate our credit union, and better serve our community.”

“Maps already has such a strong presence within its community; it’s fantastic to see them make their outreach efforts ‘CDFI official’ – while reaping the outward rewards that come along with the certification,” says CU Strategic Planning’s Founder Jamie Chase. “I look forward to seeing how they will top what they’ve already achieved. The CDFI status will certainly provide them with the necessary resources to create more opportunities for their community’s economic success.”

*Based on the last published public listing of certified CDFIs cross-referenced with NCUA credit union listings, Maps Credit Union is the largest CDFI in Oregon.

About Maps Credit Union
Based in Salem, Ore., Maps Credit Union has come a long way since a group of 17 volunteers joined together in 1935, running the credit union out of kitchens and living rooms in homes throughout Marion County. Today, Maps serves nearly 45,000 members in Marion, Polk, Yamhill, Linn, Benton, Clackamas, Washington and Multnomah counties. The credit union has nine branches located in east, west, south and central Salem; Keizer; the Willamette University campus; Monmouth; Woodburn; and Silverton. For more information, visit

About CU Strategic Planning
Headquartered in Tacoma, WA, with satellite offices in San Diego and Boston, CU Strategic Planning is the only strategic planning facilitator in the United States with the mission to help credit unions realize their potential through the International Credit Union Operating Principles. It is widely considered the #1 writer of credit union Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) grant applications. No firm serving credit unions writes and wins more CDFI awards than CU Strategic Planning.  Its “Miracle Makers” have 100 percent success with CDFI certification. Its signature-training program, Community Development Certified Financial Counseling, is a groundbreaking software training and accreditation tool being adopted by award winning CDFI certified credit unions across the country. For more details, visit

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