Marquis creates new marketing product and service offerings built on DeepTarget

Marquis to Use and Resell DeepTarget products to its Financial Institution clients

MADISON, AL (November 12, 2013) —DeepTarget Inc. DeepTarget Inc. ( today announced a renewal of its partnership with Marquis Software Solutions Inc where Marquis is creating new product and service offerings for its customers based on DeepTarget products.

In their service bureau offering, Marquis will implement DeepTarget OLB for those financial institutions that sign up for this digital marketing service. Marquis will provide the end-to-end service from production of the marketing creative to running new targeted marketing campaigns for their customers. This opens up a new digital marketing channel for financial institutions. In addition, Marquis will also resell DeepTarget products for those institutions who would like to use them onsite.

Marquis is the largest provider of MCIF solutions to financial institutions in the world, providing scalable, results-driven marketing, sales and compliance solutions for over 20 years. As the largest provider of MCIF solutions, Marquis understands MCIF and how it can be used to get exceptional and measurable results. By combining this knowledge with innovative DeepTarget marketing technology, they will be increasing the reach and results of their financial institution customers.

“Building on our corporate philosophy, we thrive on providing solutions for credit unions and banks that are easy, complete and affordable.  We are always trying to take the jargon out of what should be simple ideas, which produce real, measurable results.  Therefore, it is not difficult to see why DeepTarget products appealed to us.  There is also a natural synergy between our companies and technologies – the rich marketing data found in our MCIF delivered in the online banking environment through DeepTarget banner ads.”, said John Kassing, President of Marquis.  He added, “I can easily see where the benefits of this innovative targeted cross-selling technology will be compelling to our clients; we are therefore looking forward to begin promoting DeepTarget”.

Currently Marquis works with over 750 financial institutions to deliver marketing campaigns in print and email. With DeepTarget OLB, they will extend these campaigns into their customers’ retail banking environments to get measureable returns through targeted, rules-based campaigns. Utilizing their data rich MCIFs, they will provide a service to their customers which include rules that can garner the most effective and beneficial results from marketing to consumers of the financial institutions.

Jeremy Peel, CTO and COO of DeepTarget said, “We are thrilled with the commitment made by Marquis to renew our partnership and increase the adoption of our targeted marketing technology into their customer base. We see continued evidence from financial institutions of customer retention and income growth from using DeepTarget and this will provide further growth for our products.”

About DeepTarget Inc.

DeepTarget Inc.’s software can help turn up the volume of your marketing messages. It uses multiple channels (online banking, web, email, mobile, etc.) for cross-selling to grow high-quality relationships and generate income while pinpointing a personalized marketing message for each customer. Your messages are delivered where and when your customers will see them, helping you with relevant and timely contact. Growth of digital media combined with DeepTarget innovations have helped its broad adoption, positioning it for further growth and success. You can visit the website here.

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