Max Credit Union employee accused of sharing customer information on social media

MONTGOMERY CO., AL (March 18, 2015) — A social media firestorm involving a local bank and an alleged breach of customer privacy.

Max Credit Union customers are demanding answers, they claim an employee of the credit union shared a customer’s personal information on Facebook.

The Senior VP of Marketing at Max Credit Union was able to confirm that they were alerted to the alleged incident last Thursday, there is an investigation underway led by “legal authorities” and a Max employee has been placed on leave.

WSFA 12 News found screen shots of the alleged posts on the Facebook group Prattville-Millbrook Montgomery Black List.

The user gives information about a couple, who they claim have an account with a negative balance.

The posts use the hashtags, “perks of my new job” and “I know everyone’s dirt.”

Max Credit Union would not confirm or deny these posts, simply telling WSFA that they are letting the “investigative process work itself out.”

When asked if an employee has been accused of doing something unprofessional with social media, Senior VP of Marketing at Max Credit Union, DJ Markwell answers, “ummmm yes.”

“Because of privacy issues we have to protect the privacy issues of the customers and the privacy issue of the employee so we’re just having to let that take it’s natural flow when that’s finished we’ll know exactly what’s going on and what’s not going on,” said Markwell.

About an hour after WSFA 12 News left the Max offices Tuesday evening, a statement was posted on the credit union’s Facebook page.

“MAX is working with local authorities to investigate reports alleging that a MAX employee commented on social media concerning a customer account. A thread of commentary began on the company’s Facebook page on Friday, March 13, and MAX has responded on its page to those concerned that the matter is under investigation.

We are collecting and analyzing all relevant facts and data. In the meantime, we emphasize the seriousness of our commitment to protecting our customers’ personal information. As always, any claims are taken extremely serious and are thoroughly investigated. MAX will continue to work with authorities to find the truth and take all appropriate action.”

Markwell also said that there are so many erroneous social media posts out there he can’t deal with them all.

In compliance with company policy, Max officials say the accused employee has been placed on leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

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