MAX Credit Union partners with Arkatechture to create truly personalized member experiences

Personalized experience allows MAX to easily understand its member needs through data.

PORTLAND, ME (April 8, 2022) — Arkatechture, a technology company dedicated to empowering organizations with a better understanding of their business through data, has partnered with MAX Credit Union to leverage Arkatechture’s data analytics platform: Arkalytics. This platform provides a fully managed, cloud-hosted data lakehouse plus its suite of financial reports and executive dashboards for advanced analysis and reporting. This partnership became official third quarter of 2021.

According to Lynette Cupps, MAX Credit Union’s SVP of Growth and Innovation, what prompted the credit union to switch to a much more hands-on, fully-managed implementation process like Arkalytics

was creating truly personalized experiences for MAX’s members. This personalized experience allows MAX to easily understand member needs through data. Previously, at the credit union, several disparate sources of data made it difficult to understand the member holistically and almost impossible to do it in a timely manner.

Cupps says the credit union expects to have better access to member data to be used to deepen relationships and improve the experiences. For the organization, she and her team are looking forward to consolidating duplicate data sources and having one access point for all business lines.

“The implementation process of Arkalytics was phenomenal,” Cupps adds. “The implementation team even reprioritized the order of implementation to accommodate an urgent request.”

“MAX Credit Union has a team of dedicated and data-driven individuals who know how to get the job done,” states Arkatechture Data Visualization Analyst Brandon Sowell. “Their implementation could not have gone as well as it did if their team wasn’t thorough, timely, and prepared at every point of the project. It was a pleasure to work with them on this project.”

“The people at MAX Credit Union are a pleasure to work with; they cruised through their Arkalytics implementation,” states Jamie Jackson, Founder & CEO Arkatechture. “They are open about their current challenges, which makes it easier for us to enable them to achieve their goals through analytics. We’re excited about their shared passion for data and how we can be a continued partner for them throughout their data journey today and into the future.”

Lynette Cupps, SVP of Growth and Innovation at MAX Credit Union

About Arkatechture

Arkatechture, named one of the Best Places to Work in Maine, is a technology company dedicated to empowering organizations with a better understanding of their business through data. Arkatechture’s data consulting services consist of: business intelligence, data management, staff augmentation, training, managed services, and custom development.

Arkalytics is an end-to-end business intelligence solution that combines a fully managed cloud-hosted Data Lakehouse with a suite of financial reports and executive dashboards for analysis.

It serves as an advanced analytics and reporting platform that integrates all of your organization’s disparate information systems through an automated lean data pipeline.


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