Mbanq announces formation of Mbanq CUSO

Mbanq, a leading banking technology and Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) provider, has formed a new Credit Union Services Organization (CUSO) to implement digital transformations for Credit Unions.

Mbanq CUSO is based in Silicon Valley. It leverages a cloud-native financial services technology stack, together with specialist regulatory compliance and Credit Union operating expertise to provide comprehensive solutions that enhance the Credit Union member experience and reduce setup and operating costs.

Vlad Lounegov, CEO of Mbanq, says, “Choosing the right digital transformation strategy allows Credit Unions to grow to their fullest potential and successfully compete in a crowded marketplace of tech-savvy banks, FinTechs and financial services challengers.

“Successful Credit Unions have great customer satisfaction ratings because they prioritize member services and are in tune with their members’ needs. These advantages can be transferred into the digital realm with the help of modern technology and used to fuel rapid expansion.”

Mbanq CUSO’s offering includes a comprehensive FinTech and financial services ecosystem, agile setup, fast speed to market, and personalized and flexible membership services. Its back-end technology is streamlined for efficiency and runs on an economical, low-code software base. Front-end financial services are delivered through web and user-friendly mobile apps.

Lounegov adds, “Mbanq CUSO works as a trusted partner to setup, operate and scale Credit Unions. Its technology leads modern FinTech innovation and is designed for Credit Unions to operate at peak-performance and be future-ready.”

About Mbanq

Mbanq is based in the USA with a strong global presence. It is a Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) provider and technology innovator. It operates dozens of banks and Credit Unions across America and the world.

About Mbanq CUSO

Mbanq CUSO’s business model is to set up and operate Credit Unions as a service. It offers a comprehensive financial services ecosystem that includes advanced digital financial solutions technology, legislative, anti-money laundering and risk management support, as well as customer-facing digital apps that can be tailored and personalized to suit any type of membership. It provides everything needed to set up and operate a Credit Union and operates the entire technology stack as an uninterrupted service.

Javier Valverde

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