Member Access Processing rolls out first new service offering to enhance credit union competitiveness

As online banking becomes the norm, credit unions are poised to deploy new technologies and attract new members

SEATTLE , WA (March 2, 2021)

Member Access Processing (MAP), the nation’s leading provider of Visa card services for credit unions, announced today the deployment of the first new service offering, with several more to come later this year, that will help credit unions attract and serve new members. RAZR, is a reward program for new customers.

“We’re thrilled to launch to this new innovative service through our partner, RAZR,” said Cyndie Martini, MAP’s president and Chief Executive Officer. “Credit unions are constantly looking for fresh perks to attract new members and give them a gratifying banking experience. This is exactly what RAZR’s gift with acquisition provides and we’re happy to help our credit union partners fulfill this opportunity in an easy to implement manner.”

RAZR, a partner of MAP, specializes in relationship reward and loyalty solutions, serving over 500 banks and credit unions in the U.S. and Canada. RAZR’s gift with acquisition is an incentive promotional program to attract new credit union members. With this program, credit unions can offer their members a gift after they fulfill a certain action. Such actions include but are not limited to, opening a savings account, applying for a loan, or applying for a credit card. Each credit union can shape the service to its own needs and decide which actions will trigger a reward. The program takes less than two weeks to set-up and activate.

“At MAP, we realize that banking is increasingly becoming a digital experience, and this of course includes credit unions,” said Cyndie Martini, MAP’s Chief Executive Officer. “We’re launching these services to give credit unions a competitive edge in technology. Once the playing field is levelled, credit unions, which have traditionally had the best customer service in the banking industry, can acquire and hold new members.”

RAZR’s gift with acquisition is part of MAP’s yearlong rollout of new products and services for the credit union and regional banking industries. MAP’s legacy of excellence in payments and bankcard services give the company an advantage as the entire banking industry shifts to card payments and online access as the access points of choice for all banking customers and members.

About Member Access Processing

Member Access Processing (MAP) is the nation’s only card processing aggregator of the Visa Debit Processing Service platform for credit unions. MAP’s special role in the marketplace provides its client credit unions the unique opportunity to leverage the Technology, Security, and Service of Visa for their members. As a Credit Union Service Organization, MAP is committed to the credit union movement and values its credit union clients first and foremost. Working directly with Visa, MAP offers customized, turn-key Debit, Credit, ATM, Mobile, Prepaid-Reloadable, and Gift solutions — all supported by MAP’s five-star training, support, and service.


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