Members provide detailed feedback at all 20 Northeast Credit Union branch offices

PORTSMOUTH, NH (November 27, 2018) — Northeast Credit Union recently upgraded its new HappyOrNot Touch member satisfaction terminals to all of its 20 branch locations throughout Maine and New Hampshire. The upgrade follows 3 years of using the HappyOrNot standard terminals.

The new HappyOrNot Touch model is a 3-tier, tablet-based version that enables members to enter detailed comments while at the branch office. The terminals also provide follow-up categories to personalize the responses, such as “Wait times”, “Employee professionalism”, “Loan rates”, etc. for the member to choose from as part of the feedback process.

“The detailed feedback we are receiving from our members via the new HappyOrNot Touch models help us provide exceptional service to our members.” , says Andrea Pruna NECU’s Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing & Retail Officer. “This is a great addition to the many points of feedback we are gathering on the topic.”

The Touch model is polled every few minutes which makes member input available to NECU’s execs and branch managers almost immediately via the HappyOrNot’s Internet and Mobile Reporting portals. Additionally, an NECU administrator can change the questions and categories within minutes at all 20 branch offices via the Internet.

Northeast Credit Union opted for HappyOrNot’s custom branding option which enabled artwork that the credit union designed to be displayed on the terminal. “We were looking for ways to provide artwork and messaging within our branch offices, and the custom branding option was an inexpensive way to accomplish this” says Pruna.

The HappyOrNot terminals are supplied and supported by DoublePort, LLC, and authorized HappyOrNot partner and reseller that sells to financial institutions across North America.

HappyOrNot Northeast Terminal.

About Northeast Credit Union

Since 1936, Northeast Credit Union (NECU) has been helping people with their financial needs and giving back to the local communities. NECU has $1.4 billion in assets and serves more than 130,000 members at 20 branches throughout New Hampshire and Maine. NECU is member-owned, operating not-for-profit, but for service, which allows the revenue generated by its services to be given back in the form of lower interest rates on loans, reduced fees, attractive earnings on savings and investments, and around-the-clock access to the latest electronic services. As part of its ‘Love Your Community Project,’ NECU is committed to celebrating and supporting the organizations and individuals who make its communities a better place to live and work. For more information, please visit

About HappyOrNot®

HappyOrNot® is the global leader in instant customer and employee satisfaction reporting. Our innovative feedback collecting smileys and intelligent data analytics reporting service help our clients to improve their customer experience, relationships, and employee engagement. We serve nearly 4,000 companies across 120 countries and have collected and reported on over a half billion feedbacks. For more information, visit

About DoublePort LLC

DoublePort LLC is a global business development, reseller and integrator of hi-tech products and solutions. The company specializes in sales of HappyOrNot products to the financial industry including banks and credit unions. For more information, please visit


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